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Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Card Game Mode

The card game mode is here!

Genshin Impact introduced a new permanent game mode with its Version 3.3. This is a card game you can play using various character cards from the game. And honestly, it is a lot of fun too. Like any other game mode in this game, the card game also has a quest associated with it. During the quest, you will be taught different mechanics of the mode. Then you will be free to play as you want.

Even though the quest goes through the basic game mechanics, there are a lot more things you need to know besides the game mechanics to make the best out of the game mode. So here is a guide breaking down every aspect of the Genius Invokation TCG in Genshin Impact.

Everything you need to know about the Genius Invokation TCG

There are a lot of things that has come with the card game mode. So let us go through them one by one and break everything down for better understanding:

1. Gameplay and Mechanics

When you do your first battle, the game makes you go through a multiple phase tutorial to make sure you understand the mechanics for the game. The Cat’s Tail tavern will be the base for all card related activities.

Character Cards

The mechanics of the card game pretty simple. Each round has two different phase: the roll phase and the action phase. You get to choose three character cards to use. Each card has its own set of skills. All the cards have 1 basic attack, 1 elemental skill attack, and 1 elemental burst that needs energy. Energy is filled just by playing the hard in a round. At the start of a match, you will have to select an active character. This character will attack the opponent and when the opponent attacks, they will also attack the active character.

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Roll Phase

At the start of each round, both you can your opponent have to roll some dices to get elemental dice. If the rolls are not good, you can choose to re-roll the dices once. Whatever elements you get from the roll will have to be used in the actual match. So try to match the elements that you have active on the field.

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Support Deck

A round gets complete when both you can your opponent have used all of the elemental dice and decide to end the round. You will have a support deck in this mode which consists of 30 cards. After completing each round you get to pull 2 cards from the deck. There are certain cards that let you pull 2 extra cards at different times.

Image via HoYoverse

2. Reactions in TCG

All the reactions from the normal games are still present in the TCG. When a character attacks with his/her elemental skill, it will add that element to the opponent card. Then you can use other elements on the same card to do reactions. Here is a table that breaks down all the effects of the reactions in the TCG mode.

Reaction NameUsed ElementsReaction Effect
MeltPyro + Cryo+2 Damage Bonus
VaporizePyro + Hydro+2 Damage Bonus
OverloadPyro + Electro+2 Damage Bonus
Forces your opponent to swap to the next character.
Electro-ChargedElectro + Hydro+1 damage Bonus
Deals 1 damage to all of your opponent’s cards.
SuperconductElectro + Cryo+1 damage Bonus
Deals 1 damage to all of your opponent’s cards.
FreezeCryo + HydroImmobolizes the character.
Using Pyro or physical attack will deal +2 damage on a frozen enemey.
SwirlPyro/Cryo/Hydro/Electro + AnemoApplies the swirled element to all the cards of your opponent.
CrystallizePyro/Cryo/Hydro/Electro + Geo+1 Damage Bonus
Gives attacking character one shield point (Max 2) for 1 turn.
Each shield point reduces the damage by 1.
BurningDendro + Pyro+1 Damage Bonus
Creates a burning field that deals 1 damage at the end of the turn for two turns.
Applying dendro to bring will extended the duration.
BloomDendro + Hydro+1 Damage Bonus
Creates a dendro core.
When the core is hit by pyro/electro the character gets +2 damage bonus.
QuickenDendro + Electro+1 Damage Bonus
Creates catalyzing field.
Next 3 dendro/electro attack will get +1 damage bonus.

3. Building a deck

Building a deck is an important part of any card game. In genshin, it is no different. You need to choose three main character cards to battle with. You can run three different element characters to do reaction or you can run same element cards to dish out damage with synergy support cards.

After you have decided on your three on field characters, you will have to choose 30 additional support cards. You can make different build with the support card. Make sure to choose support cards that syngeies with the characters you are running.

There are different builds you can do with support cards. You can run a weapon based support deck, a artifact based support deck, or even a food based support deck. You will have to play and figure out what kind of playstyle you enjoy and build your deck accordingly. There are a lot of strong support cards in this game mode. So no matter what you choose, it will be at least fun to play with.

4. Finding opponents

There are two ways to find and battle other NPCs right now. One is finding in the open world and the other is guest challenges. Each encounter win will give you some EXP towards the card game player level and some coins that you can use to buy new cards.

Opponents in the open world

To find opponents in the open world, you can go to map and on the bottom left corner, turn on “Search for Player” option. This will show you all the NPCs that are willing to battle. Alternatively, you can go to your inventory and select the card box. Then you will see a option for searching players. The players are denoted by these card icons on the map.

Image via HoYoverse

Guest Challenges

Guest challenges are a good way to earn some coins. They refreshes after a certain time. These are rotating challenges you can take on inside the tavern to earn some extra coins towards buying your next card. So you should do these as they refreses if you want to get all the cards as soon as possible.

Image via HoYoverse

5. Getting new cards

There are several methods you have to follow to earn or buy new cards. Many cards are won by battling NPCs around the world. But other than that, here are all the ways you can get new cards in this mode.

By Invitation

Invitation is the main way to earn a main character card. To invite a character you will need an Invitaion Letter which you can buy from the tavern shop. After that, invite the character whose card you want. Then you will have to defeat the character in a card game to earn his/her character card.

Image via HoYoverse

By Tavern challenge

This is the main way you will unlock monster/enemy character cards. Since you can’t just go up to a boss and challenge him to a card duel, tavern challenges are the way to earn them. More tavern challenge will unlock as you go up on the player level. Take on the challenges and defeat the monster in a card battle to earn the monster as a main character card.

Image via HoYoverse

By Purchasing

Besides getting them through battle, you will have to buy all the support, equipment, and event cards. These all costs lucky coins which is earned through defeating other players in a card battle. To access the card shop, talk to the cat in the traven counter and ask him to show you the cards accomidites.

Image via HoYoverse

6. Card Handbook

Card game mode also has a handbook of its own just like the normal game. These handbook has different challenges for you to complete. And the rewards for these challenges are great too. You get a lot of coins and some primogems from them. Other than that, you also get a golden frame after completing each chapter. You can use this frame to unlock dynamic skins for a card for free. So do these challenges and complete the handbook as soon as possible for some great reward.

Image via HoYoverse

7. Ascension Challenge

Just like the normal game, the card game mode also has ascension challenges whenever you reach a certain player level. Complete them as soon as you unlock them. Completing the ascension will unlock new players in the world for you to battle. They also provide a few other benefits too.

Image via HoYoverse

How to get Lucky Coins for TCG

Everything you do in this mode will reward you with coins. Defeating opponents is the main way to gain lucky coins. Then you can use these coins to buy different items at the tavern shop. Other ways to earn coins are, by completing guest challenges and also by completing the Handbook challenges. Make sure to check all three objectives before you try to fight a player. Completing these objectives will give you extra reward after defeating the opponent.

That is everything you need to know to get started on every element of the Genius Invokation TCG. But there are a lot of tricks and tactics you will have to learn by playing the mode if you want to get good at this mode. There is also way for you to challenge your friends but these challenges does not give any reward.

Did this guide help you be a better player and earn more coins and Primogems? Let us know in the comment section below!

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