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Eternal Evolution tier list for choosing the best champions

Choose the best champion for your fight!

Eternal Evolution is a strategic role-playing game developed by HK Hero Entertainment Co Ltd. The players must select their squad of five champions in the game and fight against the enemy units. These five champions will fight in three different positions: two in the frontline, one in the midfield, and two in the backline, respectively. In Eternal Evolution, choosing the right champion for the right position and role is important. This can heavily impact the result of the fights. Not all champions are suitable and will not help you win a fight. In today’s guide, we will rank all the Eternal Evolution champions in tiers so that you can choose the best-suited champion for yourself. If you are just starting to play Eternal Evolution, make sure to check our beginner’s guide on it.

Eternal Evolution character tier list

There are champions of seven different roles from three different factions in Eternal Evolution. Each of these champions is suitable for a specific role and position during the fight. The three factions in Eternal Evolution are Terran, Wenfyr and Atlas. The seven classes of roles are listed below:

eternal evolutions champions
Image via Hero Games
  • Hunter
  • Assassin
  • Support
  • Vanguard
  • Tank
  • Summoner
  • Energy

We have prepared this tier list to help you choose the strongest champions in your squad:

Overpowered (S+)EmmaBaileyRez, MasraniCreteBohrLuke, Nadilus
Strong (S)Azena, ZanderSerenaLeoOak, ZaidaSkooer, DanielRavenna, Frenzy, Sorietta
Good (A)Moriami, Prigor, TaylorRakkana, RandallAniruddhaMuka HerculesKhalazzaNagrama, Falvea
Fair (B)Bot Mark IIHypnos, LiranArtasOisaMuka, SenwayPoluno, Omar, Kain, Murphyro
Weak (C)Guan YuLangelKar’Maw
Poor (D)KuiteOrn

Eternal Evolution meta-discussion

The strongest hunter in the game is currently Emma. She is perfect for use in Deesa Caves, thanks to her strong multi-hit attack combo. Emma can deal more damage than any other hunter in the game and help your team win the fight against your enemies.

Bailey Hudson is the best assassin in the game with high damage-dealing abilities, which makes him a must-pick for every team. The best support characters in the current Eternal Evolution meta are Reez and Masrani. They can provide huge healing and buff to their team and support the team from the backline of the team.

eternal evolution
Image via Hero Games

Crete is the strongest Vanguard in Eternal Evolution. Vanguards are great for crowd control and attacking the enemy team’s backline to defeat their support champions. Crete has high attack stats as well as high defence stats in the game.

Bohr, Skooer and Luke are the best tanks, summoners and energy class champions. They can help your team to get a better result with their efficiency in their role.

That brings us to the end of today’s tier list guide on Eternal Evolution. We have summarized all the champions in Eternal Evolution according to their roles to give you the perfect idea about the best pick for the best outcome during the game. 

What are your thoughts on the Eternal Evolution tier list? Comment down below!

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