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Eternal Evolution: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for the beginners

Learn the basics of the game

HK Hero Entertainment Co Ltd. has just published its latest strategic role-playing game, Eternal Evolution. The game has a compelling plot, with many playable characters fighting against its primary enemies and their armies. Eternal Evolution is ideal for casual gamers as it does not need a lot of grinding to be done each day to stay up with the rest of the player group. This article will provide you with a complete overview of the game and the best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners of Eternal Evolution.

Eternal Evolution: Battle system and combat mechanics

The combat mechanics of Eternal Evolution is very beginner friendly and also very easy to learn for beginners. The players are tasked with forming a formation of five distinct heroes across five distinct positions: two in the frontline, one in the midfield, and two in the backline, respectively. The game determines each team’s overall combat power based on several teams’ stats. The game’s outcome is also decided based on the combat power of the teams. In addition, players must ensure that they have heroes of the appropriate class in the appropriate positions.

eternal evolution gameplay
Image via HK Hero Entertainment Co.

When the battle starts, the troops will move towards the enemies and attack them alone. Players aren’t only tasked with utilizing their heroes’ abilities, picking a team Commander, and equipping their heroes with up to three pieces of Divine Equipment. Players do not have any control over the movement of the heroes.

However, players can choose when to use the heroes’ ultimate abilities. The most effective way for players to use these ultimate abilities is to drag and drop them into place before casting the ability. Once a hero’s ultimate ability is ready to be used, its symbol will light up and become visible on the screen. When players kill enemies or aid other players in killing enemies, they acquire energy that may be used to power their ultimate powers.

Eternal Evolution: Game modes


In this game mode, players will be competing against separate teams one after the other. There are incentives for completing a certain number of levels. Players will get increasing passive rewards according to how far they proceed in this mode.

Soul Ruby Mine

Players engage in battle against other teams, and awards are available at the end of each level. As soon as players reach level 150, they will be granted access to three distinct “additional mines.” In these, players are restricted to using only heroes from their side, and each day they are only allowed to play a maximum of ten levels.


There are two arenas available in the game right now. They are:

Regular Arena: Players on the same server engage in combat against other players’ teams in the Regular Arena.

Galactic Arena: Fight in a cross-server battle in a best-of-three format against three teams.


Rifts are a puzzle level in which players may collect prizes alongside fighting against enemies. After combat, a hero’s health does not return to its previous level in this mode. Players can replay the rifts if they fail in this mode once.

Deesa Caves

The participants are pitted against a powerful boss in this mode. The monster will have a shield that must be broken through by receiving a huge number of hits quickly when it reaches 90, 50, and 10% life remaining, respectively.

Tara Dome

This is a similar game mode to Deesa caves, where players fight against bosses.

Cinsaro Swamp

In this phase, the boss will continually create several little spiders in the arena, each of which does a significant amount of damage.

Eternal Evolution: Base guide

The base is one of the most important features of Eternal Evolution. It includes a lot of other options under it. The available options or functions in the base feature are given below.

eternal evolution base
HK Hero Entertainment Co.
  • Recruitment: Heroes can be recruited from here.
  • Inherit: Players can place their heroes here and enable the heroes for exchange. This option inherits the 5th weakest hero level to the team.
  • Guild: Gather with other players and do daily guild hunts for exclusive rewards. A separate guild chat is also available.
  • Outpost: Players can deploy heroes and carry out mini-missions from this option.
  • Command Post: A commander is equipped in this option. Commanders provide general benefits to LP, DEF, and ATK, in addition to random unique bonuses for select heroes.
  • Shop: Players can buy things with in-game currency from this option.

Eternal Evolution: All kinds of currencies


In Eternal Evolution, gold is one of the resources that is considered to be the most essential. Gold is necessary for all the mechanisms to progress in the game. Gold is used primarily in levelling up heroes, crafting equipment, and purchasing more resources from the Shop.


In Eternal Evolution, diamonds are one of the most valuable currencies. The most common use for them is to make summons on the Basic Recruitment Banner, which costs 2,700 Diamonds for ten summons. They may be obtained by completing the primary storyline, daily tasks, stage missions, and more.

Soul Rubellite

Soul Rubellite is a unique kind of money that is necessary for large numbers to break past the level cap imposed on the heroes. Players have several opportunities to acquire Soul Rubellite, including AFK prizes, stage tasks, daily missions, and the Soul Rubellite Mine dungeon, which may be completed once every day.

Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners of Eternal Evolution

  • Complete the main storyline: The storyline is the main way to progress and complete the game. Players can also receive many resources and rewards to progress smoothly by completing the storyline.
  • Upgrade your heroes: Upgrade your heroes faster to strengthen your squad and increase combat power to win more battles.
  • Finish the missions: Finish the missions in the mission tab to earn more rewards and progress faster in the game.
  • Recruit more heroes: Recruit more and more heroes to make your team stronger by receiving stronger heroes.
  • Choose your heroes wisely: The team’s average combat power decides the game’s outcome. So choosing the heroes wisely is essential to winning battles with better average combat power.

What are your thoughts on the tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners of Eternal Evolution? Comment down below!

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