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A Plague Tale Requiem beginners guide and tips

Suit yourself up with these tips to face the epidemic

A Plague Tale Requiem is a much-awaited sequel to the fantastic, astonishing, and polished A Plague Tale Innocence, developed by Asobo Studios and published by Focus Entertainment. This game, much like its predecessor, as discussed in A Plague Tale Requiem review, is a stealth-focused game that relies heavily on narrative. However, to enjoy the beautiful sculpture of a game this is, you really need to have a flawless gameplay experience and these A Plague Requiem tips for beginners segment might just be the key for you.

At the start of the game, you’re playing hide and seek with the adorable Hugo and Lucas, in these light-hearted moments the game teaches you the basic mechanics of this game. As you move through this section after a bit more joyful playtime near the river you’ll stumble upon a castle and things start to get interesting here as the game starts to introduce you to all of its mechanics

Best tips for A Plague Tale Requiem

1. Stealth is pre-calculated

The stealth encounters in this game, unlike its predecessor, are very controlled and carefully placed, which means less sandbox freedom and more cinematic moments, as made apparent in our A plague Tale Requiem review. Objects are carefully put and almost drawn in and enemy placements are also well thought out but not sporadic so, if you’re stuck somewhere just look out for another direction or object as there is always something to hide behind, climb up and crawl under.

A Plague Tale Requiem tips for beginners, A Plague Tale, Plague Tale
Image via Asobo Studios

2. Upgrade the crossbow early

The crossbow is a very useful item, so useful infact that it single-handedly separates this game from other stealth-focused games. If you upgrade the crossbow before any other skill, this could make some of the more challenging sections of the game a breeze, especially in a higher-difficulty setting.

3. Look for a second way

Most of the harder/bulkier encounters in the game have an alternative pathway that mostly stays away from enemies and is less dangerous. Almost every encounter has a safer way to deal with you just have to look for it to get it. If you’re stuck somewhere just stay away from the obvious-looking path and look for places to climb on or windows to get into a building placed adjacently.

4. Use resources frequently

A Plague Tale Requiem tips for beginners, A Plague Tale, Plague Tal
Image via Asobo Studios

Unlike other stealth-focused games, the resources come surprisingly thick and fast and it is always better to use them straight away rather than holding on to them as you’ll get plenty of them. However, keep in mind some resources are used for crafting many comparatively more useful items so do craft materials with them rather than using them as soon as you get them.

5. Exploration is your ally

It can’t be emphasized enough in this A Plague Tale Requiem tips for beginners segment, how important exploration is as you don’t get much of it. This isn’t a fully open-world game so you need to explore in the more peaceful moments, looking around this gorgeous world can lead you to many events that make the lore heavy and also some heartfelt moments that are spread( especially in the market).

A bonus tip

As I provide a bonus tip in all my beginner’s guides this one isn’t an exception either. Killing guards isn’t a non-viable option here as there are very few consequences to do so.

If you’re worn out by the stealth in the game or you feel bored while lurking your way in enemy-filled areas then you can take out your crossbow or knife and kill anyone who comes close, after upgrading them, this will churn up a new variety in the gameplay loop.

What are your thoughts on our beginner’s tips on A Plague Tale Requiem? Comment down below!

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