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Zoo Life: Animal Park Game guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for the beginners

Build your dream zoo

Zoo Life: Animal Park is a beginner-friendly game which is available both on android and iOS platforms. The game allows you to build your very own zoo and manage it. You also have to take care of the animals present inside your zoo. This is a brand new building adventure from Sparkling Society where you can build the zoo of your dreams. Gamers find this impressive because the game is easy and interesting. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed beginner’s guide with tips, tricks, and strategies.

Build the zoo of your dream in Zoo Life: Animal Park Game

Zoo life: Animal Park game is the brand new zoo simulation game from Sparkling Society, famous for their city-building games, in which you can build the zoo of your dreams. In this game, you have to build and manage your zoo including taking care of your animals. The game allows you to discover and collect all animal species to attract visitors from all over the globe.

You can also breed baby animals and can make designs in your zoo which will make you the best zoo manager. Kalani will be always there to guide you and complete the walkthrough. The most impressive thing the game can be played offline, which means you don’t need the internet.

zoo life base
Image via Sparkling Society

Basic Features of Zoo Life: Animal Park Game

In Zoo Life: Animal Park Game, you can make a habitat for the animal in your zoo. You can also build facilities in your zoo such as a souvenir shop to make your customers buy some things. Build toilets to make the zoo clean and some food stands to make a better experience for your customers with the help of food.

You can also customize the decorations of your zoo to make it more attractive.

You will need cards for the availability of animals in our zoo. Card Packs can be bought and also be collected for free from the rewards. These cards help you to get animals in their natural habitat but you will require a specific amount of cards in order to do that.

zoo life animals
Image via Sparkling Society

Zoo Life: Animal Park Game also allows you to build roads for the customers to reach out to each and every corner of your zoo. The game provides you with challenges and you have to complete them. The benefit of completing the challenges is that you can get many rewards from this which can make your walkthrough easier.

You will need to look after your animals from the feed option available in the game. The option will let you know which animals are hungry and needs food.

Introduction to currencies in Zoo Life: Animal Park Game

Gold: This is the most vital currency in the game. It helps you to fasten up the process of making buildings and with the help of this, you can buy some premium stuff.

Cash: This is the most needed currency in the game. It can help you with almost everything in Zoo Life: Animal Park Game. From making habitats to building facilities and decorations, all can be done with the help of cash.

Best tips, tricks, and strategies for the beginners of Zoo Life: Animal Park Game

1. Upgrade your facilities

This is a great tip as because if you upgrade your facilities, they will generate more money. Upgrading your facilities will level up your overall infrastructure. It will subsequently give you more production, meaning more sales and more resources.

2. Build more habitats to collect popularity

You have to build more and more habitats to generate the popularity of your zoo. If the zoo gets popular, more customers will visit the zoo.

3. Collect animal cards

zoo life animal cards
Image via Sparkling Society

Collecting animals is the key factor in Zoo Life: Animal Park Game. You will need to collect more and more animal cards in order to collect more animals for your zoo. The animals in the zoo will only come with a specific amount of animal cards for each of the animals.

4. Build roads and connect each and every building

zoo life animal cards
Image via Sparkling Society

You have to connect each and every building to the roads. Not connecting roads to all the buildings will decrease the rate of customer visits to those buildings. Fewer customers will then lead to the loss of your dream zoo.

5. Complete challenges

zoo life challenges
Image via Sparkling Society

Completing challenges is a good way to get rewarded in Zoo Life: Animal Park Game. Rewards are very much needed for your progress in the game. You can collect new animals or build new buildings with the help of the exciting rewards that you receive after completing the challenges.

What are your thoughts on our beginner’s guide for Zoo Life: Animal Park Game? Let us know in the comments down below!

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