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Unhappy Raccoon Talent system guide

Unhappy Raccoon talent system explained

Unhappy Raccoon by XD Inc. features a talent system that helps the players to unlock more skills and powers. These talents can make a huge difference in the game and boost the character’s powers and abilities. These talents also have abilities to boost up the rewards which can be collected from the battlefields after defeating the enemies. They consist of many things such as normal attacks, skill attacks, overall attacks, and much more. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information to upgrade your talent system in Unhappy Raccoon. However, if you are new to this game, check out our beginner’s guide for Unhappy Raccoon.

Unhappy Raccoon talent system explained

The talent system works in a connection method where unlocking each talent and upgrading them to the max level gives the nearby talents the ability to get unlocked by 10 diamonds. So players will be able to unlock and upgrade them only if they have upgraded a talent or more talent a number of times. Talents can be unlocked with diamonds and upgraded using crystals which can be received by beating battles in the game.

The talent system consists of skills, abilities, normal attack damage, skills, skills Damage, and much more talent which is necessary to progress in the game. It’s a simple chart of these things where each talent depends on the other to get unlocked, these talents can be unlocked by spending 10 diamonds as a currency. These talents can be upgraded too, to increase their effectiveness on the battlefield. Here is an introduction to all the common talents in Unhappy Raccoon:


unhappy raccoon skill talent
Image via XD Inc.

This talent upgrades the skill attack by 10 points every time you upgrade them. There are only 2 levels that a player can upgrade in skill, though there are also skill 2 and skill 3 which also do the same thing just a level higher each level.

Skill 2

Unlocking and upgrading skill 2 adds 1.8 percent of skill attack each time you upgrade it till it reaches level 3 which is the max level.

Skill 3

Skill 3 eventually adds 18 damage to the skill attack each time you upgrade it to level 2.

Damage Reduction

unhappy raccoon damage reduction talent
Image via XD Inc.

Damage reduction is a talent, if unlocked then your character receives less damage from the attacks of the enemies. This can be upgraded to level 3 with each level up offering 2 perfect damage reductions each time.

Enemy Full HP DMG Bonus

unhappy raccoon enemey full hp damage bonus talent
Image via XD Inc.

This talent enables the player to deal bonus damage to the enemies who are at their full hp. So in easy words, if you’re starting a fight and giving the first few hits you’re going to deal 6 percent more damage to them. The bonus damage eventually increases by 6 percent each time when you upgrade them to level 3.

Abnormal Damage Bonus

unhappy raccoon abnormal damage bonus talent
Image via XD Inc.

Whenever there are abnormal targets among the enemies, this talent gets activated. This talent will deal damage against only two abnormal enemies at once and deal 6 percent damage more than usual in the first level. Players can also upgrade it to level 3 with each level increasing by 6 percent of the damage.


unhappy raccoon attack talent
Image via XD Inc.

This talent increases the overall attack power of the characters in the game. There are 2 levels in this skill, unlocking level one gives 8 points of attack power increase and again in level 2, it increases by 8 points.

Attack 2

Unlocking attack 2 increases attack power by 4 points, level 2 again increases 4 more points followed by level 3 again buffing 4 more points to the attack power.


unhappy raccoon backstab talent
Image via XD Inc.

Backstab is the attacks dealt by your character to the enemies when their back is turned towards you. Unlocking these increases backstab damage by 6 percent, buffing 6 percent every time you upgrade the talent to level 3.

Best talents for the players to unlock and upgrade in Unhappy Raccoon

There are some talents all the players should pay attention to the most. These talents are the most important ones in the game for the players to unlock and upgrade to the maximum level. The talents are Skills, Damage Reduction, and Attack. If the players upgrade these talents to their maximum level then they should be really strong and tough when going into the battles.


Skills are used by the players as a special attack. It can be used as many times as a player wants, it has a very short cooldown.

Damage Reduction

Damage Reduction is a talent where the damage which is dealt by the enemies to the player who is playing is reduced to some extent so that the characters stay alive for much more time.


The attack is what the player’s chosen character deals with while fighting the enemies and bosses on the battlefield. These attack power can be upgraded and made more powerful be it Normal attacks or backstab attacks.

What are your thoughts on our guide for the talent system in Unhappy Raccoon? Let us know in the comments below!

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