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Unhappy Raccoon guide: best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners

All the important tips for beginners

Unhappy Raccoon is an action combat game with incredible roguelike battles by developer XD Inc. Players need to explore each part of the universe and also make friends or companions on the way, creating their spaceships on different planets one after another. The world is created by a Raccoon God and the players are trapped in it due to some event. In order to be free, they must follow the rules of the Raccoon God which are going to help them and as well as create a lot of obstacles for you to beat them. In this article, we will provide the best tips, tricks, and strategies for the beginners of Unhappy Raccoon.

Build your spaceship and travel to planets in Unhappy Raccoon

The game starts with a cinematic trailer where we can hear a narrative statement by the Raccoon God about how the players have to complete missions assigned by it. The players also can do whatever they want in this world of Raccoons and Viruses while fighting through danger. Then it spawns the players in a battle arena from where the actual gameplay starts. Each hero in the game has unique abilities and skills, making the roguelike gaming experience more enjoyable for the players.

Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for the beginners in Unhappy Raccoon

1. Complete the tutorial

In the tutorial, the players are taught how to control the player’s movement using the joystick and dash quickly forward with the help of the dash button. Soon after that, a chest is spawned in the middle of the field and a bow comes out of it as a weapon for the players to equip. Soon enemies such as viruses and some big robot carts fire at you, all you have to do are fire at them and move around the area so you don’t get hit by their attacks.

unhappy raccoon tutorial
XD Inc.

Pressing the single fire option attacks with one arrow and holding onto it releases a big blow of that arrow which is much more powerful and knocks back the enemies or even kills them. As all the enemies are killed you’ll receive some extra objects which are going to help you clear the other enemies.

These objects consist of electrical magnetic objects which electrify the ground around you to some extent due to which the enemies get damaged as soon as they come near you. The tutorial ends once you’ve defeated all the enemies and rewards you with a lot of diamonds. You’ll also be directed on how to choose different characters once you complete everything on the battlefield, you’ll be redirected to the lobby and can switch Characters, and view shops once it’s unlocked.

3. Explore the Map

There’s a huge map waiting for the players to get explored in Unhappy Raccoon. The players enter different exploration places and enemies appear immediately, players will have to defeat each of them to make that area free of the enemies. This will not only free that place from evil enemies but also it’s going to unlock another part of the map to explore.

unhappy raccoon map
Image via XD Inc.

Players will be able to stack them with different effects and buffs while exploring too which appears once you defeat each and every enemy in one whole area. Different areas come with different enemies too, enemies get stronger the more area you cover, their abilities, their power, and weapons everything gets changed or upgraded to deal the players with more damage.

The rewards also keep getting better and better, also players will be able to unlock certain chests on the map which spawn randomly but only if the players play the game for a little long time.

3. Add blessings to use more abilities

There are blessings for every character in the game. Blessings add different abilities to the characters, it gives each character the ability to damage more, take damage less, deal fire damage to enemies if they are close, and much more. Blessings help the players a lot to deal with enemies, the best thing about blessings is that it not only applies to the characters’ single attacks but also damage all the enemies at once.

unhappy raccoon blessings
Image via XD Inc.

Blessings vigorously increase the power of the characters to a point. It also increases the defense of the characters in the game as some blessings can nullify an attack coming toward the player’s character. Blessings can be upgraded to higher levels which will result in increasing their effect and even inflicting more damage to the enemies.

4. Destroy abandoned barrels

There are a lot of abandoned barrels on the map that the players can destroy by dealing damage to them through attacks. The players can get a lot of rewards through them in Unhappy Raccoon.

unhappy raccoon abandoned barrels
Image via XD Inc.

Mostly breaking these barrels gives out gold coins to the players but sometimes it even can drop blessing items. These barrels can be found in every location at the corners and a lot of currency and resources can be acquired through them.

5. Upgrade talents

Unhappy Raccoon features a lot of talents to choose from in the game to unlock and use. These can be upgraded too, it increases attack damage, speed, defense, and a lot of things about the character. Though this may cost you a lot of in-game currency such as diamonds, gold coins, etc it’s really beneficial for the players to unlock and upgrade them.

unhappy raccoon talent
Image via XD Inc.

There are different talents for different characters which can be beneficial, particularly for them. This is one of the main components of the game, upgrading these will help the players progress through the game and can be very helpful for them till the end.

6. Upgrade weapons

Upgrading weapons is very important in this game as it’s going to increase a lot of attributes of the weapon. The attack will increase if you upgrade the weapon and can upgrade it not only once but 3 times. The upgrade takes place one by one and it increases the weapons star along with itself.

unhappy raccoon weapon upgrade
Image via XD Inc.

The more star the weapon is the more damage and better it’s going to perform. There are also a lot of weapons to choose from but it’s not possible for a beginner to do so, as it requires real-time money which is not possible for most players to spend on a game.

Unhappy Raccoon is a very beginner-friendly game, and it can be enjoyable for everyone. This article covered all the necessary tips and tricks to know before you start playing Unhappy Raccoon.

What are your thoughts on our beginner’s guide for Unhappy Raccoon? Let us know in the comments below!

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