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Trifox beginner’s guide to understand combat system, skill tree, currencies, and more

Master the abilities and rule the encounters

Trifox is a 3d platformer action-adventure game developed by Glowfish interactive, released on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch. In this Trifox beginner’s guide, we will walk you through all the nooks and crannies of the game. If you’re planning on getting your hands on it, then the following guide will ensure you a perfect headstart.

The game starts with you losing your TV remote for which the quest begins, as you run the game’s mechanics by completing the tutorial section, you are immediately introduced to the hub-world. If you are keen on knowing how the game’s story develops, check our in-depth Trifox review.

Currencies and items

Trifox is very direct in its approach toward collectibles and doesn’t swarm you with more than you can take.

  • Golden coins: Values 15 in base currency
  • Silver coins: Values 10 in base currency
  • Bronze coins: Values 5 in base currency
  • Gems: Acts as a collectible
  • Health tube: The health tubes come in two variants and recover health
  • Chest: usually hidden, can contain any item

The base currency is the main and only way to unlock skills in Trifox, which can be acquired by walking into the loadout room(hub world).

Trifox guide, Trifox beginner's guide, Trifox
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This is by far the most interesting aspect of Trifox, the essential component that doesn’t only hold the game together but rather lifts it to the top. As soon as you start the game and reach the first tutorial platforming section, the game introduces you to the playstyles. Trifox has three unique playstyles to mix and match between.

  • Warrior– a melee-focused class with a dash, hammer, and a defense wall, if you want to get up close and personal.
  • Mage– a magical class with teleportation, magic beams, and a defense wall, presented with probably the best animations in all among all three playstyles
  • Engineer– a gadget-focused class with a helicopter, guns, and defense abilities, best if you’re into ranged attacks and crowd control( Also comes with a tiny backpack which is a nice touch)

Each class contains movement, combat, and crowd control perks that can be obtained and mixed at will. You can also check out our deep dive into the playstyle system for Trifox.

Trifox guide: Combat system and Enemies

You can have up to 3 different combat methods that you can choose and even map to your desired key, which can basically be summed downed to melee, ranged, automated raged. And if you’re a tactical player a number of defense options are available as well a variety of enemies can be encountered in this game, some are avoidable. The enemy variation (barring the boss fights) that are the most prevalent are as follows (with the best methods to beat them)

  • Ranged attacker: uses guns or throwables, weak against melee
  • Slimy attacker: gets divided when attacked and has throwables as well, weak against ranged weapons
  • Miniature attacker: uses only melee and are the easiest enemies, weak against pretty much everything you can use.
  • Brutes: uses melee with strong boxing gloves, weak against automated ranged mounts.
  • Dashers: uses a sword with a dash attack, weak against ranged weapons with a bit of dodging.
  • Spinning attacker– uses a sword with a fast spin, dodge the spin attacks and retaliate with melee when they are stagnated.
Trifox guide, Trifox beginner's guide, Trifox
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Every boss in this game has different attacks but the solution for each can be boiled down to areal dodge and attacking, you can follow our Trifox combat guide for further detailed tips.

Trifox Skill Tree explained

Trifox features a very in-depth skill tree that can be mastered as explained in our combat guide. Each of the 3 classes has its own skill trees.

The features skills can be purchased with the base currency( requires a minimum of 500 units), and up to 5 skills can be equipped at a time which can be either from one specific tree or can be collected and mixed from any skill tree you deem fit.

Trifox guide, Trifox beginner's guide, Trifox
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Level Structure

The levels in this game are very well structured and are a highlight of this game.

  • Worlds– there are three worlds in this game each takes about 70-80 minutes to finish.
  • Stages– each world has four stages which take about 15-20 minutes to finish( with side collectibles). Every fourth stage is a boss fight.


It’s very important to have a grip on the HUD elements if you want to master a game. HUD or the heads-up display is the range of details shown on screen during gameplay. Firstly, in the bottom left corner, there’s a red and a blue tube each with 4 bars denoting health and dash( or teleportation or helicopter) respectively.

Adjacent to the bar there is a segmented bar that shows the skills you have equipped and the button associated with it.

Trifox guide, Trifox beginner's guide, Trifox
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Trifox guide: A bonus tip for puzzles

The puzzles in this game aren’t too difficult but can however be missed by some of the casual players and that’s quite normal and we’ve got a bonus tip for you on that.

If you can’t find a way out of the arena you’re currently in, always look for a round-shaped item to carry and place on any pedal you see, as this is how many puzzles in Trifox are designed.

What do you think about our beginner’s guide on Trifox? Let us know in the comments below!

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