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Tower of Fantasy Road of Strife event guide: How to get 3 Red Nucleus and Mecha Bird mount

14 days long new event is up now!

With the limited banner of Frigg, Tower of Fantasy has introduced an interesting event for the players and at the same time the game is giving away 3 Red Nucleus and the Mecha Bird mount for free. The players will need to do the event tasks and then they can redeem a bunch of rewards along with the mentioned ones.

ToF Road of Strife event guide


The event will run from September 1, 2022 to September 15, 2022. The limited-time event will not be accessible after the mentioned time period and also event shop will be closed after the mentioned time frame. The players need to be at minimum level 21 to access the event’s reward page.

Tower of fantasy road of strife event
Image via Level Infinite

Event phases

The event is divided into three different parts throughout the time period. Every day a player can maximum gather 1200 star grit

  • Orienteering: Available on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Participate in the 10-min long competition and pass all the checkpoints to receive star grit
  • Stellarway Divergence: Available throughout the event. Thre will be 6 additional Star Gates and each Star Gate will give 300 star grit
  • Mega Arena: Will open on September 8th. Players can either play with a friend or team up with a random person to form 2-member team. Resonance, Simulacram traits, and Matrix effects are disabled. Healing effect is 50% reduced. The battle arena shrinks every 75 seconds. Each player from winning team will recive 400 star grit while the players in losing team will receive 200 star grit.
Tower of fantasy road of strife event
Image via Level Infinite

Tower of Fantasy Road of Strife event calculation

Since the event is running for 14 days and you can collect a maximum of 1200 star grit everyday. So that makes (1200 x 14) = 16800 star grit in total. And now, if you caluclate the total star grit needed to buy out the shop, you’ll see that you need 8100 star grit for Phase 1 and 7100 star grit for phase 2. So a total of 15200 star grit is needed and you will have 16800 if you manage to get the full required star grit every day.

How to get the Mecha Bird mount and Red Nucleus for free

The Event Store will be opened up in two phases. Use star grit in the Event Store to exchange for rewards. If you play daily, you should be able to get all of them very easily.

We hope that this Tower of Fantasy Road of Strife event guide will be useful for you! Let us know what you in the comments below!

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