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Tower of Fantasy: How to get 1000 dark Crystals for free as the iOS price adjustments reward

Grab it before October 20th

Apple’s App Store policies are hitting all the games and Tower of Fantasy is not an exception. Recently, Tower of Fantasy announced the price adjustment notice that states players who are using an iOS login will be eligible to receive 1000 Drak Crystals for free. However, in this article, we’ll discuss how every player can get the advantage of this happening and grab the 1000 Dark Crystals for free in Tower of Fantasy.

How to claim 1000 Dark Crystals for free in ToF

Those who are already using an iPhone or iPad will receive a notice under the gifts section of Tower of Fantasy (refer to the cover image of this article) that rewards 1000 Dark Crystals. However, the challenge is for those who do not own any iOS device.

The only way for these gamers to get 1000 Dark Crystals is to login their account from any iOS device. Now this comes with a huge risk. It is not recommended to share your account details with any random stranger. Only if you know the person in real life or maybe if the person is your long-time friend, you can go ahead and use your account to login from the other person’s iOS device.

tower of fantasy ios price adjustment
Image via Level Infinite

After you successfully login, head over to the gifts section of ToF, and there you’ll see 1000 free dark crystals waiting for you!

The last date to get these free dark crystals for iOS price adjustment is October 20, 2022. Post this date, the reward page will be invalid. So make sure you complete the process before it is too late!

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