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Tower of Fantasy: Complete list of siblings in the game

Interesting info from the ToF lore

Tower Of Fantasy, the latest gacha game made by Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite has been a trending topic for the gacha community. The game still went on the rise as players continue to explore the game, its story, and the characters. While progressing the story, players might get confused about who is who and what’s their relation. It’s normal to get confused for the new members as gacha titles like this often time comes with a story that needs attention on small details. In this guide, we will cover a list of the siblings in Tower of Fantasy.

1. Meryl and Claudia

Tower Of Fantasy siblings list: Meryl
Image via Level Infinite

Meryl is the senior executor of Hykros, who excels in sword fighting and combats. She distances herself from others and is known for her ruthless fighting against her enemies. Claudia is an assertive and tough character no one would want to tangle with. She is unpredictable and indecisive at times. She loves cats a lot.

Tower Of Fantasy siblings list: Claudia
Image via Level Infinite

Even if it does not surface, it’s true that they care about each other. Considering the fact that Meryl has a breeze of coldness in her, it’s quite surprising. But they don’t tell about it quite often.

2. Cocoritter and Pepper

Cocoritter is a healer character in Tower Of Fantasy. She has helped healing tons of her friends in the post-apocalyptic world. It goes without mentioning that she is also a hero like all other characters. She loves to talk about snow and penguins.

Tower Of Fantasy siblings list: Cocoritter
Image via Level Infinite

Pepper is a descendant of a wealthy and influential Banges family. It was all happy and peaceful until when her parents fell ill and had to be hospitalized. from then, Pepper vowed to not stop until she finds treatment for them.

Tower Of Fantasy siblings list: Pepper
Image via Level Infinite

Cocoritter and Pepper are always found hanging around together. In spite of not being from the same family, anyone would say they are siblings.

3. Samir and Huma

Samir is a cool, calm, and collected character. However, this might be misleading during fights as she is an expert gunslinger which an unprecedented amount of precision. She loves to pull gags and tricks on people. Huma is considered a mysterious character in Tower Of Fantasy.

Tower Of Fantasy siblings list: Samir
Image via Level Infinite

Because of her mysteriously possessing superhuman powers, she is placed under the supervision of Hykros. She is known to be an introvert. Once she sets her focus on something, she stops only after getting it done.

Tower Of Fantasy siblings list: Huma
Image via Level Infinite

Samir and Huma have a strong bond between them. It can be said for sure that Huma will take Samir’s side during battle to assist her.

4. Shirli and Zeke

Shirli and Zeke. There is probably no player who doesn’t know the relationship between them. Zeke is the leader of the Astra Shelter. And as a leader, Zeke is burdened with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of the shelter.

Tower Of Fantasy siblings list: Shirli and Zeke

His younger sister, Shirli is the only person who can break his ice demeanor. Shirli is an adorable character and that’s why everyone ends up bonding with her. Just like her brother Zeke, she also wants to be stronger.

And here is the treat. Tower Of Fantasy’s official Twitter handle has uploaded a comic for the players who want to look more into it. They presented the siblings’ relation in a comic panel.

However, it needs to be noted that in spite of many of them not being related to blood, they still are bonded to each other just like siblings.

We hope that this complete list of siblings in Tower Of Fantasy will be useful for you to know more about the characters. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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