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Tower of Fantasy: All character birthdays and rewards

Birthdays are always fun!

Tower of Fantasy is the new name that’s been going around in the gacha community recently. Made by Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite, the game features a lot of fun and adventure in the story. Worth to mention that the developers gave effort into character development because characters are the story’s driving force. One of the interesting things is, that the developers wanted to make every character’s birthday exciting. To do that, every player is awarded a small reward on the birthday of the characters. In this article, we will cover all characters’ birthday information and the reward information we have.

List of birthdays for Tower of Fantasy characters

Below we have arranged the birthday dates of all the characters in Tower Of Fantasy in ascending order.

Character nameBirthday date
Huma12th of January
Frigg1st of February
Tsubasa24th of March
Hilda11th of April
Bai Ling8th of May
Nemesis13th of May
Samir20th of May
Shirli23th of May
Cocoritter1st of June
Zero6th of June
Pepper9th of July
Echo14th of August
Ene17th of August
Shiro 22th of September
Meryl10th of October
King3rd of November
Zeke12th of November
Crow17th of December

Rewards for players in the ToF character birthdays

Tower of Fantasy offers small rewards to its players on the birthday date of the characters. The most recently passed birthday to this date was of Echo which was on the 14th of August. The reward for her birthday was a fruit cake.

Tower Of Fantasy Echo birthday rewards
Image via Level Infinite

As the birthday of other characters is still ahead, we don’t have any exact information on what would be the rewards. But judging the past trends, it can be a safe bet to say that there won’t be a major change in the rewards.

We hope that this list of all characters’ birthdays in Tower of Fantasy will be useful for you to know more about each character and the rewards. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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