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Torchlight Infinite guide: Tips to level up faster

Learn how to level up your character faster

Torchlight Infinite is a free-to-play action role-playing adventure game by XD Inc. Every player starts from a base level in the game. Also leveling up your character in Torchlight Infinite will require you to gain some EXP through playing the game. Leveling up your character will help your character to be more powerful in the game. In this article, we will give you some tips and tricks to level up your character faster in Torchlight Infinite in order to become stronger. However, if you are new to this game, make sure to check out our beginner’s guide for Torchlight Infinite.

Tips to level up faster in Torchlight Infinite

1. Eliminate more enemies

torchlight infinite battle enemies
Image via XD Inc.

Torchlight Infinite is an action role-playing game where you need to defeat your enemies to level up. Defeating enemies as well as the bosses of each and every chapter can make your level up rapidly. Dodge incoming enemy attacks and try your powerful spells to make them weak. After defeating the enemies, you can loot their gears from them to become more powerful which can provide ease in defeating more enemies.

2. Finish the chapters

torchhlight infinite finish chapters
Image via XD Inc.

Finishing the chapters will give you more EXP to level up. Keep finishing all the chapters by completing all the challenging tasks to receive more EXP and level up faster.

3. Defeat higher-level bosses

torchlight infinity boss fight
Image via XD Inc.

Try to defeat the bosses which have higher levels than you. Because it gets tougher to beat them when they are above you in terms of levels. If you beat them, you can earn more EXP points than beating the below-level bosses.

4. Equip gears with low utility

torchlight infinite gears
Image via XD Inc.

By equipping normal gears try to defeat the enemies and bosses, which provides more EXP points because it gets tougher for you to defeat enemies with such minimal gears. Your health decreases massively if you try to resist the attacks done by the enemies. You have to dodge each and every attack and continue fighting.


Now you can learn from the guide how to level up fast in Torchlight Infinite. These are the best tips offered to a gamer that can help efficiently. Torchlight Infinite is a pretty complex game and many gamers find it difficult to level up. It’s a slow process of leveling up as because you have to level up by finishing the chapters. Keep hustling and grinding!

What are your thoughts on our Torchlight Infinity guide to level up faster? Comment down below!

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