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Torchlight Infinite guide: Best tips and tricks to become stronger

Become the strongest in the game

Torchlight Infinite is an action role-playing game from XD Inc. Gamers love this game because of its action cut-scenes and storyline. The game consists of a series of chapters which you have to complete one by one defeating everyone and following the storyline. You have to select your hero first to proceed in the game. Many gamers find it difficult to walk through as they didn’t pay attention to the upgrades they have to bring to become stronger. In this guide, we will be covering some tips to become stronger which can give you the advantage to go through every chapter of the game. If you are new to this game, check out our beginner’s guide and tier list of Torchlight Infinite.

Best tips to become stronger in Torchlight Infinite

These are some of the tips you can follow to get more advanced in the game. These tips can help you to become stronger and will help you to complete your chapters efficiently.

Try to dodge the attacks done by enemies

torchlight infinite battle
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It is one of the most important tips to dodge your enemy attacks whenever possible. You, as a player should know that it is not good to charge at the enemies all the time. If you charge unnecessarily then there will be a maximum chance of decreasing your health. So if you want to eliminate all enemies, it is better to attack with the skills you have unlocked. Don’t panic yourself or else you might get killed.

Clear the main story quests

torchlight infinite quests
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It is one of the top tips to clear the quest of the main storyline. The quests are available on the left side of the screen. If you complete those, there will be a tick sign which indicates that you have completed a particular quest. The importance of the quests is that it helps you to level up in the game and unlock more content. This also helps if you are confused about the path and the storyline. By leveling up, your hp increases which make you more stable and powerful.

Equip the perfect gears

torchlight infinite gears
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By eliminating the enemies in the game, they provide you with some loots in the form of gears. You can equip the gears which consist of unique attributes. There are different types of gear such as helmets, different types of weapons, handguards, boots, and many other gear pieces that will be helpful for your character in the gameplay. You can adjust your gear equipment through the character section which can increase your strengths and attributes. Adding the extra gears can make you more powerful. For equipping go to the bag section and select the best gears you have gathered from the enemies.

Select the most beneficial reward

torchlight infinite rewards
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After you are done with the completion of the levels from the main storyline, there is a chance to select your most beneficial reward among the lists it provided. In other games, you can’t choose the rewards on your own, but in this game, you can. According to the hero you have selected first analyze all the details of the reward you are getting. Try to find out which of the reward is the most beneficial to you.

Unlock new skill slots of the character

torchlight infinite skill system
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As it is an action role-playing game, the game depends on the character’s strengths and the main storyline. So it is recommended to pay attention to the building of your character. Building the strength of your character is an essential part of the game. In the game, the skill system is pretty much complex and advanced. So, there are lots of skills that are available to unlock at different energy levels. After leveling up in the game, you will collect energy points which will help you to unlock new sub-skill slots. You can customize your favorite skills and install them. You can also upgrade them to make the moves stronger.

Unlock talent nodes

torchligh infinite talent nodes
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You also have the option to unlock talent nodes which makes you more efficient and strong. Elimination of enemies, and bosses and clearing all the chapters can unlock your talent nodes. You can choose your offensive, defensive, and supporting talents. You can also upgrade them.

Now you can learn about how to get stronger in Torchlight Infinite from this guide. This is a pretty complex game with some complex functionalities. You can do right but at some point in time, you can find it difficult to proceed in. By following these tips, it is guaranteed that your gameplay and playstyle would be much better. Keep the process of grinding and never give up!

What are your thoughts on our tips and tricks to become more powerful in Torchlight Infinite? Let us know in the comments!

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