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Torchlight Infinite guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for the beginners

All the necessary tips at one place

Fans of action role-playing games might be familiar with the Torchlight series by Xindong Network. The newest game in the series, Torchlight Infinite is packed with action and would be a dream game for gamers who love action role play. The game is based on a storyline that provides an extra interest for the gamers to know more about it. If you are new to the game, we are providing a Torchlight Infinite beginners guide that will provide to set up success. This guide covers all the basic information about the game and will be helpful to get a headstart.

Explore different zones and fight enemy hordes

Torchlight Infinite is an action role-playing game that is optimized with better controls. The game provides objectives during the game on the map zone. It is helpful for you to complete your chapter. For gearing up, enemy hoards are spawned in every zone that will drop loot for you. While moving from another zone wrap points play an important role in further exploring. This helps you to unlock more locations in your world so you can travel between locations efficiently.

torchlight infinite chapter 1
Image by Xindong Network

Understand each character of Torchlight Infinite and their abilities

If you have any account logged in earlier, you can log in to your existing account. If you are a new player, complete the signup process to proceed further. Then you have to select your character which is important for your starting buildup. It optimizes your strengths and weakness but there is also an option to customize your very own playstyle and unlock customization.

There are total 5 characters in the game to start your journey:

  • Berserker Rehan
  • Commander Moto
  • Divineshot Carino
  • Frostfire Gemma
  • Spacetime Witness Youga

Each character has a particular playstyle which is locked behind the hero traits. For your gameplay playstyle preference, you can play with your talents outside of your class and hero traits. For example, The primary melee combat specialist is Berserker whereas Commander is a summoner character that utilizes minions to fight for you.

divineshot carino
Image via Xindong Network

Divineshot is based on ranged attacks to deal damage forcing the enemies to dodge bullets on the map. Technical class is referred to as Space Witness which is specialized in spacetime magics. He performs deadly attacks by exploiting openings. Oracle Hea is described as a god of magic.

Then lastly there is Frostfire who can apply powerful attacks against her opponents using fire and ice dual-wielding mage. By selecting them you can view their attacks through a video provided in the game only.

Learn all the hero traits in Torchlight Infinite

When you are done with the selection of the class. Your class will have a free hero trait that is unique. The achievements section and the paid boon system can make you unlock more hero traits. To update the hero traits for your character requires you to create a new class.

The traits are locked behind your character and can’t be changed in the middle of the game. Recommended to match your characters for every walkthrough if you have the desire to play with new traits.

Customize your character with different skillsets

Every character consists of 24 unique skill trees that offer 170+ skills for the building of your character. Every gamer will be excited about this feature, they can customize their character according to the skillsets which are efficient. To upgrade your skills further, try to unlock variety of playstyles in each character classes.

Skill slots

By receiving energy you also receive skill slots. Energy can be received by upgrading characters and improving gears. Try to beat all enemies for further loot and experience which will help you to gain more skill slots.

torchlight infinite skill system
Image via Xindong Network

Types of skills

There are many types of skills like support, active, passive, and trigger. They can be linked with each other like active skills mixed with passive skills which are can be further linked to support skills. Clicking on the skill button will bring you the identification of the skill.

torchlight infinite types of skills
Image via Xindong Network

For a new player, it is recommended to kindly pay attention to the linked support skills. You can increase the damage by potentially adding a utility skill to the active skill. Skills can be gained in two ways. Either you complete quests that make you choose your favourite skill as a reward or you can visit the skill’s shop from the hideout.

Torchlight Infinite Talents overview

For your character, you can select a maximum of 3 Talent panels. By upgrading and leveling your character and talent panels gets unlocked. There are a total of 6 talent panels available from the start.

  • God of Might
  • Goddess of Knowledge
  • Goddess of Hunting
  • God of War
  • God of Machines
  • Goddess of Darkness

The 6 basic talent panels further consists 3 advanced talent panels to select later from once you have unlocked your second panel. There are more specialized stat buffs and bonuses in advanced talent panels. It is useful once you have invested enough in talent points in that panel.

torchlight infinite talent system
Image via Xindong Network

For selecting your talent panels the third panel have no restrictions, but it is recommended to go through the advanced panels only to focus on your building of your character. Selecting your basic panel by carefully paying attention to the list of tags on the talent panel overview.

Obtain talent points and unlock talent nodes

In the panel you have selected, you can use the talent points which you obtained from leveling up your character to unlock talent nodes. Talent nodes are connected with micro talents which increases your stats massively. Adjacent nodes can be unlocked through multiple talent points. Talent points play a crucial role here, as because you can save them and unlock major talent nodes.

torchligh infinite talent nodes
Image via Xindong Network

It is recommended to stick to a few nodes at a time to enhance your character building. But it is not restricted, you can try multiple things as you are wishing for.

Gearing Up your character

As you keep progressing further into the story and gain more levels, enemies will also level up as well as the loot dropped by them. By opening your bag you can gear up the character. There are a total of 9 gear slots. The enemies drop loot randomly shown on the map. Don’t forget to pick up the loots for gearing up your character. It is recommended to replace your old gear with new higher-level items.

torchlight infinite loots
Image via Xindong Network

You can follow the given guide which can provide you with an advantage. The importance of the guide is that it makes the game understandable for new players and also makes it easy to play. The game offers much action so it can be a heavenly game for those who are searching for an action game. The chapters and the storyline is the main heading of the game which increases attention. By following the guide you can complete all the chapters of that game efficiently. Keep playing and keep hustling!

What are your thoughts on our beginner guide to Torchlight Infinite? Comment down below!

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