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Time Raiders guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for the beginners

Follow the beginners guide to adept yourself to the game

Time Raider is a brand new MMORPG developed by Yoozoo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. In this free-to-play game, players can uncover buried treasures, use unique sights to authenticate them, and battle against the undead and explore intricate caves, tombs, and other ancient abandoned sites to discover artefacts and treasures. Players can form clans, raise loyal animals, and summon allies to aid them in their fight against monsters that lurks in every dark corner. The game has already made a sound footing in the MMORPG scene, allowing gamers the option to change classes and play with several characters. In this article, we will discuss all the basic tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners in Time Raiders.

Experience horror treasure-hunting fantasy in Time Raider

With intriguing gameplay, 3d graphics, and top-tier voice-over, the game dive deep into a firm and detailed storyline worth enjoying. This is just the game for treasure-hunting and fantasy-loving gamers. In addition, to fantasy, the game also has a touch of Horror in it and brings in the flavour of the eastern style, which certainly gives off a unique blend of genres. 

time raider classes
Image via Yoozoo Ltd

Switching into the game, you will have to choose a server and then select a character(male or female). You’ll have options to choose your preferred camera angle, i.e. 2D or 3D. Then comes the time for selecting your favoured class which we will discuss in short. You’ll have to choose a specific weapon for your selected class out of the three.

Time Raiders character classes

The RPG features three classes in total. Namely-

  • Blademaster
  • Gunslinger
  • Sage

Each class has two characters with specific sets of weapons and gears you will have to choose from. If you are confused about which character to go with; you can try out all the characters as the game offers a role-changing system and find the right one in which you find your comfort. The characters are as follows:

  • Blademaster– Duelist and Guardian
  • Gunslinger– Sharpshooter and Technologist
  • Sage– Ritualist and Runecaster


time raider blade master
Image via Yoozoo Ltd

Blademaster is a typical swordsman-type class specializing in close combat. The character can inflict heavy damage on monsters and take offensive attacks for its good damage control. The mentioned class is best for a player who plays fast-paced offensive attacks and has a keen sight for upcoming attacks.


time raider gunslinger
Image via Yoozoo Ltd

The gunslinger has a very good amount of DPS and a fair amount of hp. Those who find comfort in long-range attacks should go with Gunslingers, which is recommended for advanced players.


sage time raider
Image via Yoozoo Ltd

Sage is a medium-range-based class whose character uses specially chanted umbrellas to inflict offensive attacks on monsters. The character has an easy sequence of attacks. With quite a unique set of skills, the character creates a sense of curiosity in gamers. Sage would be the perfect start for a beginner.

Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners in Homeworld Mobile

1. Level up to unlock new skills and gears

Levelling up is the most crucial aspect of being good in this game. The more you level up, the more you unlock skills and gears, the more you get artefacts, and the more new options you access. Playing through the main story and levelling up is the key to the success of this game.

2. Upgrade your skills smartly

Upgrading your skills is an essential part of this game. As each character contains a lot of skills, you’ll have to be prudent about which skill to upgrade; choose the right skills for the right tasks. Read the descriptions of the skills carefully before upgrading one. You have to reach Level 120 to start upgrading your skills.

3. Earn Gold Diamonds

The game’s most important and basic currency is the gold diamond; always try to collect gold diamonds and avoid taking cash when selling gear. Youll will earn gold diamonds completing Main missions, side quests, and levelling up. Auctioning items will also earn you gold diamonds.

4. Stay on the Main story

Try going through the main story first to avoid confusion about the game, as RPGs can be confusing at the beginning. Try focusing on the storyline as the story dives deep in; it will matter a lot in the future. More notably, focusing on the storyline will make you enjoy the game; relishing the game is a must for doing good in an MMORPG.

So these are the tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you, a beginner, go through Time Raiders at a swift pace and have a perfect first experience.

What are your thoughts on our beginner’s guide about Time Raiders? Comment down below!

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