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The Legend of Neverland guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners

The best tips and tricks for The Legend of Neverland

The Legend Of Neverland is an MMORPG for mobile that is based on different servers. The story simply represents a Nice vs Evil type, where players take up the role of protecting the kingdom Cabala from evils. These evil forces attacked the humans and forced them to stay away from the kingdom to a new place called Neverland. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll be learning about the basics of the game which will help the players progress till the end of their journey in The Legend of Neverland.

Tips to choose the right and compatible class in The Legend of Neverland

Due to the presence of the multi-class system in it, The Legend of Neverland is different from any other MMORPG game. The players can experience all the classes simultaneously just by switching the weapons in their inventory. All the weapons are divided into a class, termed “Class-Specific”. The 4 following classes are available in The Legend of Neverland.

  • Ranger Class: It’s a ranged damage dealer. To pierce all the enemies in front of the ranger, it makes use of the bow and arrow.
  • Gladiator Class or swordsman: It’s a melee damage dealer. It wields the power of a mighty sword.
  • Craftsman Class: It’s a ranged damage dealer. Multiple explosions can be created at the speed of sonic with a gun.
  • Scholar Class: It has mastery of all elements of nature. The surrounding environment is controlled by it.
the legend of neverland characters
Image via GameArk Global

Every class contains a unique gameplay style, different abilities, passive skills, and weapons correlated with them. When players need to cast manually by clicking the skill icon and choosing a target area, it’s known as Active Skills and Abilities. They have cooldowns associated with them.

The skills which are not on cooldown and act regardless of the player’s activation of them, are known as Passive Skills. There’s another new type of skill that is class-specific. It’s denoted as Deepen Skill which exists to boost the character’s attribute damage and provide additional stats.

Make the flower fairies stronger in The Legend of Neverland

Flower fairies are one of the most important elements in the game as it travels and stays with the players wherever they are journeying together. These fairies are truly flowers who are blessed by the goddess who has pity for humanity and turned the flowers into humans. 2 different flower fairies can be used by players at the time of their formation. With their master’s leveling up and growing, the fairies grow and get stronger. Their shapes can be changed, and can also evolve to get new abilities.

Players can make the flower fairies stronger by using the following methods :

Advance – It’s a method that lets the player advance the fairies to the next rarity. This increases the base stats and the level cap of the fairies. By using a duplicate fairy of the same rarity, players can advance their level.

Leveling Up – Every flower fairy can be leveled up. It increases their base stats. It can only be increased as per the current rarity of the flower fairy. Such as, a Good rarity Flower fairy can only be leveled till Level 20 while a base Superb rarity flower fairy can be leveled up to Level 60. Exclusive items which give Exp to the players are needed.

Formation – Players can place 2 different flower fairies in their formation. It can be used in battles. When the flower fairies are of the same attribute, a common attribute which is common between the fairies can be activated by the player. If they are of different attributes, then any attribute cannot be activated. But it’s highly suggested to activate an attribute to get the advantage from flower fairies’ passive abilities.

Resonance – Resonance is reward points or one can say checkpoints. It provides additional stats according to the CP (combat power) the players have gained. They are classified into the following :

  • 1st Advance – Attack + 50 (Character reaches 4500 CP)
  • 2nd Advance – HP + 2400 (Character reaches 9000 CP)
  • 3rd Advance – Attack + 100 (Character reaches 16500 CP)
  • 4th Advance – HP + 4800 (Character reaches 24000 CP)
  • 5th Advance – Attack + 100 (Character reaches 31500 CP)
  • 6th Advance – HP + 4800 and Attack + 100 (Character reaches 39000 CP)
  • 7th Advance – HP + 4800 and Attack + 100 (Character reaches 48000 CP)

The system where the flower fairies can be gained and obtained by the player in Legend of Neverland is known as the Link System. It includes the gacha mechanics to the game and makes it a hero collector. Here, the different rarities of flower fairies, available at different rates, can be summoned. The followings are the rarities and rates :

  • Superb Flower Fairy – 2.8% chance of summoning them.
  • Good Flower Fairy – 85.8% chance of summoning them.
  • Epic Flower Fairy – 11.3% chance of summoning them.
the legend of neverland link system
Image via GameArk Global

The traditional tropes of any gacha system, where different banners are accessible to be mobilized on different weekdays, are followed by the Link System. Some banners offer a particular rate-up flower fairy and some allow players to use the premium currency to summon one. These are known as “General and paid banners”. The followings are some of the mechanics related to the banners :

  • Within 10 attempts, Epic (purple) Flower Fairy is guaranteed to win at least once.
  • At least once per 80 attempts, Superb (orange) Flower Fairy can be won.
  • Players can reset to the beginning value and start recounting by gaining a Superb Flower Fairy via a link.
  • On the 30th, 60th, and 100th attempts, players can afford extra item rewards.

The Legend of Neverland quest system

The legend of Neverland has a quest system that is very much boring, the Quests are assigned to the players on the right side of the screen. There are different colors for each type of quest for example the side quests of the game are assigned in blue color and the main quests are assigned in golden. The tasks are not so hard and really long and boring, players have to fetch certain items, deliver items to the NPCs, fight and beat up a number of enemies and meet a few other game NPCs.

the legend of neverland quest system
Image via GameArk Global

Players often lose interest in the gameplay due to this fact, but these quests help the players a lot of experience and even help progress the game faster. It also even adds new items in the game as well as unlocks a lot of different content completed through these quests. Also, the game has automatic quest completion when the players tap any quest. The players also automatically fight with the enemies for any battling missions and claim the rewards at last.

The Legend of Neverland life system

The life system is one of the most iconic and great features in the game. It makes the game more realistic and it feels like the game is just another virtual world. The players will be able to catch fish, cook different foods, make items and also perform music.

the legend of neverland life system
Image via GameArk Global

There are three main categories which are Gather, Produce, and Recreation which are then divided into other subcategories such as:

  • Mining: players will be able to mine rare and unique minerals. Players mine often and level this skill up which helps them with reducing the need for raw material.
  • Insect Catching: players will also be able to catch insects in Certain parts of the map which will eventually result in increasing their trait level.
  • Fishing: As fish is one of the main foods in the game, catching fish comes with both leveling up the player’s trait and also getting a good hot fish meal at the end.
  • Cook: players will be able to cook a lot of items, starting from vegetable meals, fish, meat, and much more. They’ll be able to unlock more recipes too, cooking helps in getting more buffs in the game, for example, increasing damage, health speed, and stamina. It’s one of the most important parts of the game as the players will be needing cooked food in tough battles.
  • Forge: players will be able to forge much strong and extraordinary equipment with certain materials found when the players were traveling or gaining rewards from quests. Players will also be able to craft materials that can be used to ascend certain equipment, which also increases players’ trait levels.
  • Making crystals: players will be able to craft various crystals with the help of materials gathered from catching insects.

What are your thoughts on our beginner’s guide for The Legend of Neverland? Let us know in the comments below!

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