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The King of Fighters Arena guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for the beginners

Learn to be the best fighter

Developed by Netmarble, The King of Fighters Arena is an action-based Player vs Player (PvP) game. The game provides you with the experience of real-time battles against fighters from all over the world. The game comes with many game modes that will allow you the best experience of real-world fighting. You can also create your very own dream team consisting of powerful and unique fighters. In this article, we will provide detailed tips, tricks, and strategies for the beginners of The King of Fighters Arena for a smooth progression in the game.

Gameplay overview

When the game opens up, you will be directed to the practice mode to understand the basic tutorials of fighting. After implementing the basic understanding, you can directly head to the KOF Arena to experience real-time battles against fighters from all over the world.

the king of fighters arena gameplay
Image via Netmarble

You have to create your very own dream and strongest team to take over the opponents which come your way. Form the most powerful team of all time and become a champion. The combat system is much more straightforward. The joystick is used for the movement of the character and the action icons to implement the attacks.

The King of Fighters Arena: currently available game modes

The game has only three game modes currently.

1. One vs One Player Match

It is the mode in which you can compete with your real-world opponent face-to-face. When you participate in this kind of game you will be obtaining league points which makes it decisive to select the next enemy for you.

In this mode, both players can select their favourite 3 fighters. After selecting, you have to rank them for the fighting rounds. There will be 3 rounds in total, if anyone wins 2, he will be winning the match.

the king of fighters arena game mode
Image via Netmarble

2. Three vs Three Player Match

This game mode consists of two teams with three players on each side. You will be matched with other two friends which will be in your team and you have to defeat the opponent together. One player will be fighting against one opponent respectively.

In one match, it will be 3 rounds. You have to select your best 3 fighters for the rounds. If anyone wins 2 rounds will claim a win for the team. Altogether, if 2 player wins, then the team wins.

3. Practice mode

In this mode, you can practice and make your skills improve. You can test different fighters to know their special abilities according to the skill sets they are having. If you are unable to grab the basic knowledge about the attacks then you can practice here to try out the moves and make them perfect.

The King of Fighters Arena: seasonal overview

The game is based on the seasons as the game has a seasonal plot. After finishing the season, you can obtain high and valuable rewards.

the king of fighters arena rank
Image via Netmarble

You can actively participate in the seasonal battles and events and in the end, you will be getting the rewards according to the tier you are in. If you play more, you can win more and progress more. The higher the tier, the more the rewards. By battling, you can advance your tier to the next level which can bring you a lot more rewards.

The King of Fighters: Fighter card

The fighter card is referred to the fighters you select to fight. A new feature is embedded into the game to obtain more benefits. There are a total of 4 types of rarities of cards: limited, rare, epic, and legendary.

the king of fighters arena fighters
Image via Netmarble

Since the cards are based on rarity so the percentage of getting rewards for limited fighter cards is the least but it is much higher for the legendary fighter cards. You can purchase the fighter cards from the marketplace or MARBLEX’s Initial NFT Offering.

The King of Fighters: currencies

  • MBX (MARBLEX)– It is a cryptocurrency which you can obtain by playing the game. It is a much-advanced process.
  • Fight money– You can earn this Fight money by playing the game with the help of a controller. You can upgrade the controller, upgrade the mastery of the fighters etc., with the help of this currency.
  • Fighter’s Club Token (FCT)– Intermediate currency of Fight money and Marblex. You can earn this currency through fighter cards.
  • Black Diamond– Used to upgrade the controller level and exchange Fight Money (FM) for Fighters’ Club Tokens (FCT).
  • Diamonds– Another type of currency used to summon fighters and purchase items from the shop.
  • Mystic Cubes– Used to upgrade the mastery of the fighters and can be exchanged from the exchange shop.

Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners

1. Complete the events

It is recommended to complete the events and play them actively because you can earn high rewards. After each season, you will be obtaining rewards according to the tier you are in.

2. Do practice

As you will be fighting against real-world players so, you need more knowledge about the attacks and combo hits which are extremely beneficial to win the matches. So you can opt for the practice mode to get used to the attacks.

3. Summon fighter cards

It is recommended to summon the best fighter cards as it will be beneficial for you to get more rewards. Using the best cards will increase the percentage of getting rewards.

4. Complete achievements

For obtaining more rewards, you can complete the achievements. By completing the achievements, you can obtain the magic cubes.

5. Fighter Mastery

Fighter Mastery is a function that allows for upgrading the fighters for play. You need to summon the Fighter Cartridge for the upgrade of skills and levels.

What are your thoughts on our beginner guide for The King of Fighters Arena? Let us know in the comments!

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