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T3 Arena guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for the beginners

All the necessary tips and tricks

T3 Arena is a 3v3 fast-paced shooter game which is developed by XD Entertainment PTE. LTD. You can play it with your friends or just with random people automatically teaming up with you whenever you start any mode of battle in the game. There are about 14 heroes from which you can choose to play with your suitable character. Not only that, this game offers different modes of matches and gameplay so that the players can enjoy unique battles each time. In this article, we will provide you with the best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners in T3 Arena.

Fight against enemies in fast-paced 3v3 battles

The gameplay of this game is mostly like other survival shooting games. Players will be able to control their characters with the help of a joystick and the characters are going to automatically fire at the opposing team members once the players place the crosshair at their enemies. It has an auto-fire system where as soon as they detect the enemies it’s going to fire automatically.

T3 Arena, Gameplay
Via XD Entertainment Pte Ltd

Players will also get a first aid present at the battlefield which they can collect automatically once their health is low to heal from their wounds while a battle is going on. Although different characters have different abilities and skills and the players will have to choose which characters they are more comfortable with.

Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners of T3 Arena

1. Set your layout controls

Players can change their layout as they want to be, if they want to fire manually instead of automatically they can do that too. Players can move certain buttons to different places on their screen to make their own custom layouts. This way it’ll help the players to adapt to the layout they are comfortable with and which they can use without losing a sweat.

T3-ARENA, Layout
Via XD Entertainment Pte Ltd

There are different layouts for the players to try out, may it be a casual layout, two fingers layout, 3 fingers layout and a custom layout for those who want to completely reassign their own layout from scratch in which they are going to play comfortably.

2. Unlock heroes

T3-ARENA, Heroes
Via XD Entertainment Pte Ltd

At the start of the game, players will be provided with only one Hero to play with. Players will need to unlock the rest of the Heroes by playing the game to get resources and rewards. Different Heroes have different abilities too in this game so it’s fun using different characters at different times. Players will be able to get Heroes unlocked by doing these things.

3. Open rumble boxes

Rumble Box, Rewards, characters
Via XD Entertainment Pte Ltd

Opening Rumble boxes will reward the players with many things such as T-coins, Hero upgradable cores, even Normal heroes and even rare Heroes. Players will get every rarity Heroes from the rumble boxes, though it doesn’t promise to give the players Heroes every time they open them. Rumble boxes can be achieved every day by getting them in the daily store for free, or the players will need to participate in battles and complete tasks to get battle points to increase their level in gear.

4. Upgrade your suitable Heroes

Upgrading Heroes comes with a lot of benefits such as their health getting increased, their defence getting increased and the damage they deal to the enemies too. Upgrading heroes is going to be very important in the game as the players progress through the game, the matches get tougher so if the players upgrade their heroes they will be able to cope with other players and keep winning the battles.

T3-ARENA, Upgrade heroes
Via XD Entertainment Pte Ltd

Players will have a limited number of coins and they may get confused about which hero they should upgrade. They should always choose those heroes with which they have won the most battles or they feel the most comfortable playing. May it be two heroes, divide the coins and upgrade them alternatively.

Later players are going to realize which hero they are going to prioritize for their battles, once the players understand it they can stop upgrading two or three heroes at once and upgrade the one and only hero they want.

5. Master the Map

Mastering the map is going to help in a lot of things such as knowing the places where you’ll be able to guard yourself against enemy attacks, all the locations of the First Aid and knowing from where the enemy players may arrive from.

Via XD Entertainment Pte Ltd

The map is not too big as it’s a 3v3 shooter game, these factors are going to help the players win the game much more easily as the players will be able to use each and every facility given to them if they know everything in the map.

What are your thoughts on our beginner’s guide for T3 Arena? Let us know in the comments down below!

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