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Super People guide: best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners

Best tips for getting a headstart in Super People

Super People is a battle royale game developed by the South Korean studio Wonder People. Early access to the game has been launched on October 11 and the game is now currently available for free on Steam. The game has received a lot of attention in its beta phase regarding its graphics and is the first game to be released that supports DLSS 3 by NVIDIA. In this Super People beginners guide, we’ll discuss everything a player needs to know to get started with the new battle royale game.

Super People offers unique game mechanics to the players, which has already been praised by many during the game’s beta testing phase. The game is played in a manner quite similar to typical battle royale games in solo, duo, or squad modes, however, it has some unique features.

In matchmaking, the players will have to choose from the twelve different types of classes, each class has its own unique skills, abilities, and ultimates which they can use during the match. Players can upgrade their guns or level up their abilities just like in MOBA games.

Super people, Super people wallpaper, Super people early access
Image via Wonder People

If you are just getting started and want to learn the basics of Super People, don’t worry we got you covered! In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know as a beginner in Super People!

Understanding the map, zone, and battlefield in Super People

Super People has an 8×8 km battlefield, quite similar to Erangel of PUBG. Unlike other battle royale games, Super People starts with an already closed zone. The size of the initial zone can be different and depends on how many players have joined the lobby, more player means a larger zone circle.

In a smaller-sized zone, the ultimates will load much faster than that in a larger-sized zone. Since the zone is shaped based on how many players the match is starting with, there will be no bots in the game.

super people map
Image via Wonder People

Master as many classes of soldiers as you can in Super People

Super People offers the players to play from twelve different classes of soldiers. Each class has its own set of unique abilities, ultimates, and specialized weapons. When the players enter the game, everyone will be assigned a fixed class with some random presets of abilities and weapons.

So it is important to master as many classes as possible for the ultimate advantage in the game. This system has been introduced by Super People to give the players a unique battle royale experience every time they enter a match. The assigned class cannot be changed by the players for free, to change the class in the matchmaking screen the players will have to use golds.

Leveling up is important in Super People

The level-up system in Super People is quite similar to that in the MOBA games, where the players can level up to buff their stats and abilities during the game. Players can level up during the game in three ways: surviving longer, getting more kills, and collecting more super capsules. However, collecting more and more super capsules seems to be the best way of leveling up faster. There are five different colors that buff specific stats of the players during the game:

  • Red, Blue, and Green: Buffs their same-colored abilities.
  • White: Buffs any random colored ability.
  • Gold: Maxes one random colored ability.
super people blast
Image via Wonder People

Leveling up will buff the stats and abilities of the players during the game which can give them an advantage over their enemies in the later phase of the game. All players will start with the same level and will have to level up during the whole match. Each level will buff a basic and passive ability; after level 10 an ultimate ability and weapon will be unlocked.

Learn crafting in Super People

The crafting system in Super People allows the players to upgrade their backpacks, armor, helmet, and guns. Players will have to collect the crafting materials while looting after landing on the map. It is advised to pick all the crafting materials that one can find. Crafting can make or break the game in the final phase of the game.

Players can craft to the maximum level of 5 for backpacks, armor, or helmet and level 7 for weapons. Leveling up the guns will increase their damage by one at each level. The players can unlock up to four perks for their guns, with the first perk being unlocked at level 4 and subsequently one at each level until level 7.

Top easy-to-play class in Super People

Some of the best easy-to-play classes in Super People are:

  • Driver
  • Teleporter
  • Sniper
  • Nuclear
  • Gatling Soldier
  • SWAT
  • Shotgun Master
super people teleporter
Image via Wonder People

These are some of the easier-to-play classes in Super People. Mastering and knowing all about their abilities, ultimates, and weapons will give the players a headstart in the game.

Best tips and tricks for beginners in Super People

  1. Upgrade or find rare or heroic backpacks, which can reduce the damage a player receives. The rare or heroic level backpacks can block bullets from enemies. This is similar to the pan-blocking bullets in PUBG.
  2. Reload after picking up a weapon as the weapons are not equipped with bullets when they are on the floor. The players will have to load a magazine into the weapon after picking it up.
  3. Test your key bindings according to your preference. Players can customize their key bindings and set them up according to their own settings. Key bindings are important, as they can make the game more easier and comfortable for the players to play.
  4. Cut off the parachute while landing to save more time as the players will not receive any fall damage by cutting the parachute when they are close to the ground.
  5. Using the ultimate wisely is important in Super People, each class will have a unique ultimate ability. Using the ultimate ability at the right time can finish off enemies easily on the battleground.

What are your thoughts on the beginner guide of Super People? Let us know in the comments!

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