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Super People Orb Island map guide: Best tips, strategies, and drop locations

Drop in the best location to get the best start to your match

Super People is the newest grossing battle royale game set on the map of Orb Island. Developed by Wonder People, the 8×8 km map has every element to make the player’s survival experience worth it. From open fields, forests, and high hills to water bodies, all these diverse parts of Orb Island excite the Super People experience the players. In this guide, we will discuss Orb Island and provide tips and strategies to use on the map for better results in the game. If you are new to this game, make sure to check our beginner’s guide and settings guide for Super People.

Perfect jump and drop is important in Super People

Perfect landing is the key to getting the ideal start to a match in Super People. Once you have decided where to drop, you will have to calculate the height and distance of your chosen location. The parachute will open faster than usual when you are above high ground.

Super people, Super people wallpaper, Super people early access
Image via Wonder People

When taking off from the chopper, ensure you can cover enough distance to reach your desired drop location. You can also increase or decrease your flight velocity; looking perpendicularly downward will increase your speed. Make sure you land around in a safe place to loot because you don’t want to take early fights without getting any valuable weapons.

Understanding the zone in Super People

Unlike other Battle Royale games, Super People starts with an already closed zone. The size of the initial zone depends on the number of players who joined in the match lobby.

Smaller zone means that the players will have lesser options for drop locations and should be prepared to take fights just after landing in any area. However, in smaller-sized zones, the players will find better loots, and their ultimate will load faster than usual.

Choose drop location wisely

In a survival game, loot is the most important thing to be the winner. The players with the best loot are more likely to be the last ones standing on the battlefield. Orb Island has many locations to drop in. However, not all locations will give the same quality of loot. Few areas generally give higher-level loots than others, but they are also the riskiest areas to drop in. So if you want to play safe or if you want to take early fights, you have options for both in Super People.

super people map
Image via Wonder People

Besides, different classes of soldiers are played ideally in different environments, such as SWAT being ideally played in buildings, Marines being played in waters, etc. So choosing your drop location according to your given class is essential. To know more about the classes and their specialties, check out our class guide on Super People. 

To help you choose the best location for your drop according to your playstyle we are creating a list of the higher, medium and lower-risk drop locations in Super People:

High-risk drop locations in Orb Island map in Super People

These drop locations can be comparatively riskier than the other locations inside your zone circle. But you can easily find high-level loot in these locations:

  • S Radio Tower
  • N Radio Tower
  • Space Center
  • New Kirkwood
  • Belmont
  • Tahoma
  • Hidden Valley
  • Brookville
  • Issaquah
  • High Hills
  • Nightfall
  • Elkton
super people mid risk loot
Image via Wonder People

Mid-risk drop locations in Super People

These drop locations can sometimes be risky and sometimes safe to land in. You can find a moderate amount of loot to start your match from these locations:

  • Triville
  • Silverfalls
  • Airport
  • Medical Centre
  • High School
  • The Vista
  • Kirkwood
  • Ashwood
  • Sanctuary
super people brookville
Image via Wonder People

Low-risk drop locations in Super People

These drop locations are lower risk and provide basic levels of loot. However, if you want to play slow and loot slowly to get higher placements, you can drop in these locations:

  • Wasteland
  • Array
  • Super Soldier Hall
  • Abandoned Manor
  • Shorefront
  • Marina Point
  • Prison
  • Sunken Mansion
  • Ferry Point
  • Hexagram
  • Lake Shore
  • Military Base
super people low risk loot
Image via Wonder People

Best tips for Orb Island in Super People

  1. Complete loot fast: If you have landed in a high-risk drop location or are playing in a small-sized zone, it’s better to complete the loot quickly, as you will have to take early fights.
  2. Cut off the parachute: While landing, players can cut off their parachutes to save more time, as they will not receive any fall damage by cutting them when they are close to the ground.
  3. Check surroundings: Whenever you are rotating inside a zone or moving around in an open field, check your surroundings, as enemies can hide in the terrains or behind covers waiting for you to come into any open location.

What do you think about the Orb Island map guide in Super People? Let us know in the comments!

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