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Soccer Manager 2023 guide and tips for scouting the best players

Scout and sign the underrated players

Soccer Manager is a football managerial game in which players have to take complete responsibility for a team. As part of their responsibility, they need to scout new and prospering players in order to sign them to the team. New talents with great futures can be scouted from all around the world and be signed to the team. In this article, we will discuss the best tips and tricks for scouting the best players in Soccer Manager 2023.

Ultimate tips for scouting in Soccer Manager 2023

1. Organize the scouting facility for more freedom of choice

In your club, you can organize and view the scouting facility which allows you to control and upgrade your scouting facilities. You can visit the scouting facilities to send the club’s scouts out on assignments to gain information and upgrade the facility to increase its effectiveness and number of scouts. You have to use your cash to upgrade the scouting facility and gain bonuses for the effectiveness of your scouts and the number of scouts.

2. Use scouting assignments

You can open the scouting assignments screen which allows you to set assignments for your club’s scouts. You can scout players, clubs, and leagues in order to gain valuable information about them. You can select the position and the age you need for the player as a requirement and can assign a scout.

Soccer Manager 2023, Soccer Manager 2023 Scout
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You can unlock more scouting slots by upgrading this facility. The facility effects on the assignments screen show important information about the scouting facility, including the number of scouts and the time it takes for reports to be completed.

3. Make use of scouting reports to analyze the situation

By clicking the scout reports a past scouting assignments screen will open which shows a record of the previous scouting assignments that you have carried out. You can also filter out the results by various settings. You can also search for any player you want to gain information and details about the current time. Then you can go to the scout report to request some information about that particular player.

soccer manager 2023 scout players
Image via Invincibles Studio Ltd

This is the total ultimate scouting guide in Soccer Manager 2023. Many players who are new to the game face some difficulties in understanding the scout facilities like how to upgrade them to make more scout slots and like how to assign them and sign them. This is the complete guide that will make you understand what scout is all about. Also, if you are just getting started, make sure to read our beginners guide to Soccer manager 2023.

What are your thoughts on our Soccer Manager guide for scouting the best players? Let us know in the comments!

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