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Soccer Manager 2023 guide: Best tips for setting up your team tactics

Learn all the best tactics

Soccer Manager is a football managerial game in which you have to manage your football club and take them to the next level with plenty of objectives and matches to play. But the players who are new to this game might face some difficulties in managing their club and players. They often make wrong decisions that affect their playing style and lose matches. Due to a lack of tactics, gameplan, and knowledge about particular areas they sacrifice their games and trophies. In this article, we will discuss the ultimate tactics guide for Soccer Manager 2023, as it can make you understand everything about tactics.

Introduction to tactics in Soccer Manager 2023

The tactics section allows you to set up your tactics for your club including formations, play styles, and player roles. You can also view important information about upcoming fixtures. There is also an option for creating your own tactical setups and saving them.

soccer manager 2023 tactics
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Terms to know

  1. Team Chemistry: It is the psychological interaction between players, which influences how well the team works together. Higher chemistry increases the effectiveness of the team.
  2. Boosts: Boosts allow you to increase a player’s fitness, morale, and chemistry. They also reduce suspension or injury. You can also use the boosts to give your team an advantage. You can acquire boosts by buying them in the shop, receiving them from free packs, or reaching new manager levels.
  3. Team Formations: Team formations dictate how your team will position themselves on the pitch. You can choose from the preset positions, or drag and crop your players around the pitch to create a custom formation.
  4. Player Roles: It dictates each player’s playstyle on the pitch. You can also tap on any player when in Player role mode to cycle through different player roles.
  5. Save Tactics: This option allows you to save your tactic settings to your 3 custom tactics slots. You can also load your preset tactics by selecting them from the formations box.
  6. Team Instructions: The instructions allow you to choose which players will fulfill certain roles on the pitch, such as the captain and set piece takers. The number next to each layer name shows the relevant stats of that player. You can also choose play styles for your team as a whole, such as formation width, play mentality, play tempo, and level of play creativity.

How to set the best team tactics in Soccer Manager 2023

You can swipe left to get details about the next fixture and can plan your tactics according to the information you are getting from the opponent’s team. The next fixture screen shows important information about the next club that you will play including their key players, expected lineup, and tactics.

soccer manager 2023 instructions
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After analyzing your opponent’s team, you can plan your strategy through your team instructions section. There are many strategies to select for your team. Select the best according to your team’s performance. In the instructions section, you can select your captain, free kick taker, penalty taker, etc. Those who have higher stats are recommended for captaincy and other things.

In general, you can select your team’s width, mentality, tempo, formation fluidity, work rate, and creativity which can make your team more stable and good. Also, you can get your attacking style adjusted by the following sections which can increase your chances of goals per match.

The passing style, attacking style, forwards, wide play, buildup play, and counter-attacks. You can all adjust them from this section. You can also make your defensive tactics present further right.

soccer manager 2023 strategy
Image via Invincibles Studio Ltd

From the player roles, you can assign your player a particular playing style according to the gameplay of the team. From the formations, you can assign your team a deadliest formation which can lead your team to glory. There can be many forwards leading to offensive and many defenders leading to defensive play. If you want a balanced formation you can also customize the formation according to your needs.

Here is the detailed guide of tactics in Soccer Manager 2023. Many gamers find it difficult to survive without tactics in this game. The game is all about tactics and that’s the thing that makes a football manager more advanced. By going through this guide, you will understand all the basics level of tactics including the advanced ones too. This can provide an edge over your managerial career in the game. Keep playing and grinding!

What are your thoughts on our guide about Soccer Manager 2023 tactics? Let us know in the comments below!

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