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Soccer Manager 2023 guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners

Everything you need to know for being the best Soccer Manager

Soccer Manager 2023 is a really interesting game to play for players who like soccer games. The game is full of strategy and entertainment and currently available for mobile and PC. This can make you enjoy the managerial career in football in which you have to manage your own club or partnered clubs. If you are still new to Soccer Manager 2023 or SM23, here is a complete beginner’s guide.

Getting Started with Soccer Manager 2023

If you have opened the game, the first thing the interface will show you and ask you to select among the two options. The first option is to create your own club in which you will be the manager. And secondly, the new career option in which you have to select a club from the world in which you will be the manager.

After selecting your club in which you will be the manager. The next interface will display you the players of your current club. The squad has the starting XI, substitutions, and reserve players.

soccer manager 2023 gameplay
Image via Invincibles Studio

Important terms in Soccer Manager 2023


Team Chemistry: It is the psychological interaction between players, which influences how well the team works together. Higher chemistry increases the effectiveness of the team.

Boosts: Boosts allow you to increase a player’s fitness, morale, and chemistry. They also reduce suspension or injury. You can also use the boosts to give your team an advantage. You can acquire boosts by buying them in the shop, receiving them from free packs, or reaching new manager levels.

Team Formations: Team formations dictate how your team will position themselves on the pitch. You can choose from the preset positions, or drag and crop your players around the pitch to create a custom formation.

Player Roles: It dictates each player’s playstyle on the pitch. You can also tap on any player when in Player role mode to cycle through different player roles.

Save Tactics: This option allows you to save your tactic settings to your 3 custom tactics slots. You can also load your preset tactics by selecting them from the formations box.

soccer manager tactics
Image via Invincibles Studio

Team Instructions: The instructions allow you to choose which players will fulfill certain roles on the pitch, such as the captain and set piece takers. The number next to each layer name shows the relevant stats of that player. You can also choose play styles for your team as a whole, such as formation width, play mentality, play tempo, and level of play creativity.

The main overview interface

The main screen shows essential information such as your next fixture, an overview of your facilities, your league table, and the Spotlight and special offers.

  • Menu: You can tap on this and use the button in the top-left to explore the different menus.
  • Continue: You can use the button to advance through the session.
  • Taskbar: The task list shows important notifications and tasks for you to complete as a manager.
  • Help button: You can use these buttons throughout the game for more information about the screen.
  • World news: The World News screen shows breaking news from the world of football, including transfer information, news stories, and rumors.
  • Inbox: This option shows all the important messages that you receive as you progress through your managerial career.
  • Squad: This section contains the squad list of your current club including the status and reports. You can view the complete details of the players present in your club. This includes the first, reserved, and loaned-out players.
  • Manager: The manager profile screen shows you the essential information about your managerial profile. This section allows you to view, purchase and upgrade your manager traits, which give you special advantages and abilities. When you win matches, you gain manager XP.
  • Board: Board approval and fan approval show how happy the club’s board and fans currently are with your management of the club.
  • Schedule: This screen allows you to view all of your fixtures for the current season.
  • Finances: The finances section allows you to view essential information about your club’s finances in various detailed formats. From ticket revenue to transfer income, here you can view each and every detail.
soccer manager overview
Image via Invincibles Studio

Management Areas

Stadium: This allows you to upgrade each stand of your stadium, adding more capacity and attracting more fans. You can also view important information about your stadium capacity here.

Training: The training drills screen allows you to select the number of drills and the attributes you want to train. You can gain more training drill slots by upgrading the training facility. The training facility allows you to manage your squad’s training regime, upgrade your training center, and set the number and focus of drills. You can also keep an eye on the player reports and growing.

Scouts: The scouting assignment screen allows you to set assignments for your club’s scouts. You can scout players, clubs, and leagues in order to gain valuable information about them. You can unlock more scouting slots by upgrading the facility. The facility effects on the assignments screen show important information about the scouting facility, including the number of scouts and the time it takes for reports to be completed.

Youth Academy: This academy facility allows you to control and upgrade the club’s youth academy, improve the training and starting stats of youth players, and view reports about youth players. You can upgrade the youth academy facility to improve the stats of your youth players and increase the academy’s capacity.

Club Zone: The club zone facility allows you to control and upgrade various revenue and financial elements of your club, including merchandise, TV revenue, and many more. You can also choose a sponsorship to boost your income.

soccer manager management
Image via Invincibles Studio

Here is the detailed guide of Soccer Manager 2023. If you are new to the game, you can face some of the complexations which might seem difficult to you. If you have played the earlier versions of the soccer manager then you can easily grasp the controls and the settings of the game. The main key is the understanding of the tactics which are in-game. If you understand them by following our guide, you can have an easy headstart over other newbies. Keep grinding and playing!

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