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Smashing Star tier list for choosing the best heroes

Fight with the best heroes to rule the Star arena

Developed by Avalon Games Co. Ltd., Smashing Star is an easy-to-learn strategy RPG. The game is free to play 1v1 turn-based catapult mini-game built to deliver a unique combat-strategy game experience to Battle arena RPG lovers. The game is played with four selected characters forming a team. Gamers have to drag their champions to hit the enemy to deal damage and occupy the arena floor with graffiti. Players who are first at marking 66% of the arena with Graffiti will get the win. All the heroes are available for free, and there is a vast collection of characters in the game. In this article, we will rank every hero according to tiers in Smashing Stars for the players to choose the best heroes. 

Smashing Star tier list

Smashing Star has a total of 26 Heroes or cards of Heroes as of now. The table below is arranged according to each card’s rarity, which will help players get a grasp on what they can expect from each specialization.

S (Strong)Ghost Sniper, Thunder MageTuner, Infected, Scavenger
A (Good)Treant War Bear, Exploder sheepGulamon, Canon Wanderer
B(Average) Phoenix, Trap MasterIron Sentry, Spear Wanderer, Pharmacist, Rhino Quarterback, Fly Wheel KnightFlying Blader, Highland Vanguard, Champ Boxer, Mech Master
C (Weak)Phantom PriestMech Doctor, Terror Turtle,Valkyrie, Mumu

Smashing Star meta-discussion

Arguably the best attackers in the game are Ghost Sniper and Thunder Mage. With a very high amount of DPS and a good amount of Hp, they will surely rule the battle in terms of attacking.

ghost sniper,smashing star,smashing star hero
Image via Avalon Games Co. Ltd.

Ghost Sniper has two Damage skills and a Tank skill. It has a special skill: at rounds end, it will snipe the highest HP enemy, deal 8%Max HP+406 damage and inflict Graffiti on all enemies in its path. At the end of its round, Ghost Sniper returns to its Stealth state that lasts four rounds. Also, in a Stealth state, Ghost snipers cannot be hit. Stealth State ends right after receiving damage.

Thunder Mage has two Damage skills and a Stun skill. In its round, Thunder Mage hits an enemy and summons Lightning to strike enemies within a radius of 120 to deal 230 damage and inflict Graffiti. This skill will trigger once in a single round.

When inflicting lightning on an enemy, if the enemy is in touch with another ally then both will take 105 damage. The Electrify effect disappears after inflicting damage. This skill lasts for two rounds. Also, Enemies damaged by Electrify will lose 10% of their Action Bar.

Tuner,smashing star,smashing star beginners hero
Image via Avalon Games Co. Ltd.

Tuner and Infected are both balanced characters in terms of stats and abilities.

The Tuner is a very balanced character, ideal for attack and support, with a good amount of DPS and a fair share of HP. Tuner has two Damage skills and a support skill. When Tuner hits an enemy in its round, it inflicts a note(up to 3 different notes to three enemies).

After the end of the round, the notes will explode in a sequence of 176,234 and 293 damage while inflicting graffiti. If all three notes are triggered at once, then all enemies will take 327 damage. During taking a fatal hit, Tuner will give all its surviving allies a shield that absorbs 521; it lasts for two rounds.

With a perfect amount of DPS, Infected has its core strength in the field of offensive attack. Infected has three Damage skills. At the end of its round, Infected inflicts plague on enemies, which deals 83 damage (inflicted in 4 rounds). The plague spreads to other enemies in contact. In its round, if an ally hits an enemy with plague, it deals 119 damage.

What are your thoughts on our tier list on Smashing Star? Let us know in the comments below!

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