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Smashing Star guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for the beginners

Fight your enemies in Star arena to be the best in Pegasus

Smashing star is a Role-playing-strategy catapult mini-game. The free-to-play mini-game is developed by Avalon Games Co. Ltd.It is an easy-to-play multiplayer 1v1 turn-based game where players will fight others from all around the globe in the Star arena. Players will command their champions by dragging to hit the enemy by catapulting and occupying the arena floor with graffiti. Occupying 66% of the graffiti area will ensure the win for players. Players will face enemies from all over the globe and win various rewards for every battle won. In this article, we will give you all the basic tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners in Smashing star.

Fight and gain experience in the Star arena to rule the world of Pegasus

The game takes place 160,000 lightyears away from earth on the planet Pegasus in the Great Magellanic Galaxy. The wanderers of the old world, highlanders who worship nature, and a mysterious race from the unknown world gather here. Power is the key to survival in the world of Pegasus. The Star arena is where everyone is tested in Pegasus.

smashing star,smashing star beginners guide
Image via Avalon Games Co. Ltd.

Anyone can win the respect of others and great wealth in Pegasus by proving themselves in the Star arena. Commanders with a team of at least 4 people will have to battle test themselves in the Star arena.

Switching to the strategy RPG, players will fight trainers in training battles to learn about the game style and how to fight. Players will have to drag their champion to hit the enemy player when the champion reaches the end in the action bar shown in the down most part of the game.

The faster the player acts, the quicker the action bar will be reached. Players will drag their champions to catapult in enemies to deal damage to them. Players will also have to mark the arena area with graffiti. 66% of the graffiti marked in the arena will result in a battle victory. Players will build a battle deck with a team of 4 champions in a way they find most comfortable.

The RPG has both PvP and PvE game modes. The game contains two fighting options one is multiplayer arena Battling, and another is PvE battling. Namely-

  • Battle
  • Expedition
smashing star gameplay,smashing star beginners guide
Image via Avalon Games Co. Ltd.

In Battle mode, players will fight with another player in a 1v1 battle using a team of 4 unique characters. The battle will be decided either by killing off all the heroes of the opponent or marking the arena with 66% graffiti. Each side will have their graffiti round once a specific character of theirs reaches the action bar, and that particular character will then be dragged and loose to deal damage to the opponent. In expedition mode, players will fight out enemies to win amazing rewards.

Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners in Smashing star

1. Level up characters to access all abilities

Levelling your character up is very important to fight with its full strength. Accessing new perks skills and increasing DPS and HP is crucial in forming a perfect deck for battles.

2. Build a team with the perfect combination

Fighting with the perfect deck with the rightmost heroes will result in success in battles. Players will have to choose the heroes they are comfortable with and can use their skills and abilities in the right way to form the ideal deck before a battle. Players should test out different combinations in the training arena before going into battles.

3. Keep practising in the arena

The game style in Smashing stars is pretty new and unique, and players aren’t really familiar with it. So players have to practice regularly to get used to the style and master different ways to battle in the game. Strategy is vital in this game; dealing damages without concrete plans will not win battles. Players will have to understand the opponent and predict their next move to plan a decisive attack.

4. Unlock new skills

For every RPG, there is no alternative to unlocking characters’ new skills.
A character’s true ability will never be understood without unlocking all its available skills and testing them out in battles. Especially in the case of this game, unlocking all available skills is crucial for finding the right combination for a battle deck.

5. Be conscious of sustaining and dealing damage

Landing the most damage in the right ways is one of the essential things in any battle of this game. The highest amount of DPS will finish battles quickly without having to worry about the opponent’s graffiti marks. Keeping tabs on every character’s health during a battle is crucial. Players will also have to be conscious of their opponent’s graffiti marks.

What are your thoughts on our beginner’s guide about the Smashing star? Comment down below!

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