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Settlement Survival quick guide for the beginners

Some basic tips!

Settlement Survival is a new strategy title of Gleamer Studio. The game is currently in its early access phase on steam as the developers are working hard to make this a fully built game, adding new features as well as fixing the old problems. In this beginner’s guide, we will be talking about a few tips and tricks on how to get a grip on Settlement Survival, which might be a bit hard for beginners or players with no prior experience with the game.

Settlement Survival beginners guide

Mastering the controls is going to be vital

The controls of the game is simple as most of the placements of the game are done by mouse clicks. To move around the camera/ perspective, use W/S/A/D. Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and zoom out. Number keys such as 1,2,3 etc are assigned to hotbar that can be found on the bottom of the screen.

Use F1 to slow down the pace of the game and F2 to increase the pace of the game. Press I to have a detailed report of the settlement. Pressing U will show the resource monitor window. This is particularly helpful to keep a track of the resources and consumptions.

Placement of the marketplace

Make sure you find a flat, unobstructed ground to place the marketplace. The advantage of having no obstructions near the marketplace is, citizens don’t have to walk a long way to reach the place they are going to.

Settlement Survival beginner's guide
Image via Gleamer Studio

On a map, there are markings where one can see the vantage points, for example, fertile cultivatable land, fishing spots, best mining places, etc. Make sure you take them into consideration before placing them. Once being placed, branch off roads in several directions from the marketplace and ensure they at least touch the radius mark of the marketplace.

Focus on Silver production

If a player wants to earn the silver coins faster, the best way would be to complete the achievements. While money is not heavily necessary in the game, it can be used to make purchases from merchants and ships.

Water, the other name of life

Water is an essential resource. For better management, make sure you place a warehouse nearby the well to make sure water is stored there.

Make sure the demands of citizens are fulfilled

Settlement Survival beginner's guide
Image via Gleamer Studio

Citizens are basically the heart of the settlement. Citizens’ demands include clothing, food, water, and fuel to keep them warm. Fuels are especially required in the cold seasons in every household, to keep the citizens from freezing to death. If the demands are not met, citizens might die (Excluding the case of no clothes).

Keep the citizens happy

Settlement Survival beginner's guide
Image via Gleamer Studio

The happiness level of the citizen matters as it reflects on work efficiency. One of the easiest ways to keep the citizens happy is to place churches and cemeteries.

Think about the things ahead

New immigrants will always come to the settlement. It means more bodies in the workforce, but also means more mouths to feed. Make sure the food production is enough to make it sustainable. Keep an eye on the resource monitor. It also offers charts and other data such as consumption and production.

That’s all about the Settlement Survivals quick guide. The progression is in players’ hands as they explore the game even more.

What’s your thought on the Settlement Survival beginners guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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