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Scorn beginners guide: Puzzles, combat, exploration, and more

Get an edge over the grim world of Scorn

Scorn is an atmospheric horror adventure, puzzle-solving survival-esque game developed by Ebb Software. Scorn above all demands an understanding of its world, mechanics, concepts, and how everything is connected to everything else. This might sound vague, but that’s precisely why this Scorn beginner’s guide will be your perfect headstart to understand and play the game with much less confusion and frustration.

As you wake up and visualize a past linked with the world of Scorn before it was the grim and unforgiving semi-flesh-cyborg mess of the gritty world it is now, you start your journey to uncover the secrets that lie within the grim world.

Understand and approach the world accordingly

The appearance of Scorn’s world alone might tell you that it’s a grim and unforgiving world so you should be well aware that you won’t find anything or anyone to depend upon except for the few barely working weapons you’ll be handed. The world here is almost maze-like and confusing so you need to remember the doors and keep track of your surroundings so that you don’t get lost while backtracking

Combat and the enemies

Scorn has 6-7 types of enemies and you’ll encounter them several times but luckily you can sneak past them if you don’t want to engage in combat at that moment. However, there are some encounters in a confined ally-like section that can’t be avoided. While using the first weapon you need to be very aware of your surroundings as the weapon reloads after a few hits and enemies take 2-5 hits to die, as for the second one( pistol) the ammo is very scarce as it’s a survival game as well, so you need to be very careful where to reserve or use your ammo.

Scorn, Scorn beginners guide, Scorn Xbox
Image via Ebb Software

Beware of what you interact with

Unlike every other adventure game, everything intractable isn’t meant to be interacted with. Many intractable objects can actually do more harm than good, not every button or weirdly fleshy leaver isn’t there to solve a puzzle so beware and check the surroundings before you interact, as this game has a horrendous checkpoint system if you die just by pressing a wrong leaver while mere puzzle solving it won’t make the game or the puzzle less frustrating.

Explore and take your time

This is definitely where the game shines and probably why you’re playing as talked about in our Scorn review. Scorn is mostly linear but there are quite a few side pathways to look around, you won’t find any valuable weapon or upgrade as the game doesn’t have that like most other games but the environment and the stunningly bizarre architecture are something to Marvel at, and if your attentive enough you might get some environmental story to fill in the lore as this is why many will play the Scorn.

Scorn, Scorn beginners guide, Scorn Xbox
Image via Ebb Software

Follow the sound

The best aspect of Scorn’s sound design is its audio cues. The presence and location of enemies are beautifully telegraphed through well-designed sound and this might be your best shot as you’re pretty weak in the game so knowing the location and presence of enemies beforehand is just the edge you need.

The almighty shotgun

When nothing goes your way and you feel cornered shotgun is the way to blow. The revolving shotgun in Scorn is the most powerful weapon in Scorn as the grenade launcher is mostly used for environmental puzzles. Only use it when you need it because you’re gonna need it when the more powerful enemies join the wagon.

How to approach the puzzles

The main focal point of this Scorn beginner’s guide is the puzzles, as they can frustrate and even get you off the controller if you’re unable to solve them. Most of the puzzles here are an elaborate set of systems to be understood and executed in a specific way so there’s a good chance you might find the puzzle by its 8th-9thpiece or maybe even further, so you need to be patient and find all of the mechanics or pieces and pave out the solution.

Scorn, Scorn beginners guide, Scorn Xbox
Image via Ebb Software

Let’s face it most of the players won’t complete a puzzle the first chance as they are very well-designed as well as confusing sometimes so you have to solve many of them by learning from your previous tries, this approach might just take your puzzle-solving skill at its peak.

A bonus Tip

A bonus tip as I always provide along with all of my beginner’s guides. Whenever you feel like you’re stuck in a stage of the puzzle just leave it and explore as most of the time this might help you to find the missing piece that was the reason for your frustration also exploration is one of the shiniest aspects of Scorn as a game

What do you think about our beginner’s guide on Scorn? Let us know in the comments below!

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