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We here at team Daily Meta Dose, are a bunch of excited and passionate gamers. Just like you, every gamer faces a dilemma while choosing or purchasing a new game as it comes out. Therefore to make the experience more streamlined and to help you choose which games are for you and which are better suited on the store page or the shop shelf, we try to provide you with genuine and useful reviews so that you spend your time and money well.

What is the Metameter

Metameter is a scale by which we describe how good or bad, boring or engaging, worth it or skippable a certain game is. This is mainly for you if you just want to get an idea of the game in a quick glance and get into the nooks and crannies omit later.

Metameter score explanations for Video Games

It is very important that the numbers on each of our reviews (Metameter) are well-telegraphed to you in order for it to be impactful. Therefore we’ve prepared a list for you to come to grips with the Metameter. So that your future purchases go smooth-sailing starting here.

9.6 to 10 – Outstanding

A 10 on the Metameter obviously means that we’ve a masterpiece in hand. A game that could define a genre, and inspire a generation of games to come and set the standards for others. Few and far between such wonders are produced. These are a must-buy for every individual.

Examples: God of War: Ragnarok

9.1 to 9.5 – Excellent

A 9 on the Metameter translates as a must-experience game for all gamers. These games have amazing narrative, gameplay, settings, and even more. You definitely should pick these games up and play cause it’ll be a really great time. However they probably posses one or two very minor and borderline negligible issues, that won’t bother gamers.

8.1 to 9 – Great

An 8 on the Metameter is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a game with great concept and a pretty decent to great execution. These ones probably lack on one or two aspects of the game and are really enjoyable and fun time. In our opinion it’s recommended if you’re interested and give it a go, you most probably won’t regret it.

Examples – Scorn, Trifox

7.1 to 8 – Good

A 7 on the Metameter revolves around the games that can be fun to some and can be quite a mixed bag for others. These games have some aspects fine tuned and have some good enough or even compelling ideas with average to good executions. These games usually lack in quite a few aspects. You should consider playing it if you have some time to spare and the specific game looks interesting to you, probably a sale buy will be worth it.

Examples: Lego Bricktales, Medieval Dynasty

6.1 to 7 – Average

A 6 on the Metameter scale defines that the game missed the mark for what it wants to be and/or does too many things at once, all of it being skin-deep or tacked on. However, with the right mindset and some compromises these can be enjoyed for a period of time and might give you some short-lived memories of itself. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend these ones but if you seem to have a some free time and don’t know what to do with it, these can pass the time and might even be fun for some.

5.1 to 6 – Sub-par

Brace yourself! the painful category starts here, these games are unimaginative, uninspired or straight-up not fun. These are the games that might sound good on paper or as an idea but falls apart as it touches reality, giving you a warning not to touch it either. These are probably bug-ridden or worse, straight-up bad games. If you’re very very specifically looking for exactly this game then play it although we don’t recommend it.

Examples- Saints Row (2022)

4.1 to 5 – Poor

Turn around and don’t look back, a 4 on the Metameter isn’t a status to show off. These are downright bad games and you shouldn’t play these ones at all. They might be bug-ridden or they don’t need bugs to destroy them. Just stay away from these and play some other better titles.

3.1 to 4 – Hideous

A 3 on the Metameter means you might be in for an awful experience if you somehow, after reading this, decide to play them. They are lazily made without pouring any love or care by the developers and that’s why you shouldn’t give them any either. Save your money and save your time.

2.1 to 3 – Atrocious

A 2 on the Metameter translates that it’s worse than hideous which can be a complement if the primary goal of the game is to torture players. These are hastily made unfinished and unintuitive mess of a game. These aren’t worth your time or money, if it wasn’t apparent already, just leave these games as they are and spend your time somewhere else.

0 to 2 – Horrendous

1 is the lowest possible score on the Metameter. This game isn’t meant to be played and we didn’t enjoy playing this one either. Just stay far clear of this unexplainably terrible game, if it can be called one. Just don’t buy or even look into this, it’s not worthy. Save your money and time.

Metameter score explanations for Entertainment

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