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Planet of Lana: Release date, gameplay details, system requirements, and more

Explore an off-earth odyssey with Mui

Games that have an adventure theme have always dominated the market because of the immersive adventure stories they come with. Sweden-based indie games studio Wishfully Games is making their debut this year in the industry with its game Plant of Lana. The game is a sci-fi saga that stretches through generations with an intricately weaved story that is immersive and captivating.

Planet of Lana’s demo version was available for people to play at this year’s gamescom. The developers made sure the Xbox fans get a small taste of the highlights of the game, and also get to see the gameplay mechanics that will blow their mind after the final launch.

Planet of Lana: storyline and gameplay

Planet of Lana was scheduled to launch in early 2022, but the development team postponed the launch stating that they wanted to make sure that the game will meet the standards and live upto the expectations of the fans. 

Planet of Lana, planet of lana world
Image via Wishfully Games

Wishfully describes Planet of Lana as a sci-fi saga which is led by a young girl who embarks on a journey to save her sister traveling through a hostile world filled with strange creatures and machines. 

It all begins when a robot army invades the Planet of Lana which is a natural haven filled with lush green forests. Because of the invasion Lana and her sister are in great distress and try to escape. Lana’s sister is abducted by the robot army as Lana helplessly hides to save herself. She then goes on a journey to save her sister from the robot army. On her journey she meets a cat-like creature called Mui, which later becomes her best friend and companion. This intricately detailed story will run for generations through different galaxies.

Now with Mui as her companion, Lana explores the origins of the robot army through the vast green fields, the caves and the rocky mountains. Throughout this, Lana and Mui build a bond which expands the possibilities of the gameplay. Mui will help Lana complete tasks, solve environmental puzzles and also help her with encounters of the robot invaders. These stages of the game are really intense as Lana cannot risk getting spotted by the robots, she has to be camouflaged and hide from them. 

Planet of Lana robots

Mui usually follows Lana throughout the map, Lana can make Mui obey certain commands like following her, asking Mui to go to a specific place. Mui and Lana will together do a lot of tasks. Since Mui is much smaller than Lana, it will be going into smaller places or jumping to higher areas. Both Mui and Lana have their own abilities which they can use to solve the often occuring puzzles, as their bond becomes stronger they gain more abilities which will help them progress to the next part of the game.

Planet of Lana platform availability and release date 

Planet of Lana was initially scheduled to release in early 2022, but the development team postponed the release. And now, the team has announced that the game will be released in spring 2023 for Xbox and PC platforms. 

Planet of Lana: system requirements for PC

  • Memory: 4 GB 
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 510 or AMD  Radeon R7 360X 
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 or AMD Phenom II X4 805
  • OS: Windows 7 (64bit) or Windows 10 (64bit)

What are your thoughts on Planet of Lana? Let us know in the comments section!

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