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Xbox booth at gamescom 2022: Complete list of announcements

Find out details about all the 11 announcements

Xbox has made some amazing announcements during their opening stream at Gamescom, this year. Now people are looking to go back to see what they said can find it on Xbox’s official youtube channel. The announcement is related to a few games, which are already out, and a few games that are under development. So, let’s dive in and find out what are the new announcements made on Xbox booth at Gamescom 2022.

Titles and Updates announced on Xbox booth at Gamescom 2022

1. Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Developers have announced an amazing update for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. World Update VI, an update that has confirmed rework in the maps of select countries, such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. New aerial imagery and high-resolution mapping of several cities in Germany, Basel in Switzerland, Graz and Vienna in Austria, and beautiful mountain ranges of the Alps. Also, handcrafting nearly 100 Points of Interest, which include different airports, and monumental places.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X
Image via Microsoft

Next up, is the Junkers JU-52, an old aircraft, quite popular in Germany. Another exciting news was the partnership with RARA (Reno Air Racing Association). Microsoft has confirmed bringing the world’s fastest air races in. And now, something futuristic, the Volovopter. The latest tech of modern aviation, an eVTOL (electrical vertical take-off and landing) air taxi.

2. A Plague Tale: Requiem

A Plague Tale Requiem
Image via Focus Entertainment

Developer interview also showed up a gameplay trailer about the game. From the look, it seems that it will make big popularity among the players. The threats of war and sickness are still looming at large.

3. Sea of Thieves

Developers are proud to announce the 7th season of Sea of Thieves. One of the main point many players are excited about is the ability to captain the pirate ship, and cherry on the top, with a customizable name. Developers did a small guess on top 10 ships in Sea Of Thieves, with one named “Sloop Dog” amusing as the other one “Usain Boat”.

Sea of Thieves pirate ship Sea of Thieves
Image via Xbox Game Studios

4. Lies of P

A dark fantasy game based on Italian fairytale Pinocchio, that’s what Lies of P is about. With multiple weapons to equip, stamina and consumable items to manage, the game really puts the players to a different level. The game will be out in 2023. More interestingly, devs showed possible combinations of equipment. But the game is likely to have more than that.

Lies of P gameplay
Image via Neowiz

5. High On Life

And now we are back to one of the spotlights, High On life. High On Life is kind of similar to Trover Saves the Universe. It’s more action-oriented, collecting various weapons. The first one on display, Kelly, which sounds like Morty has a Glob Shot, that can knock down certain platforms.

High on Life gameplay
Image via Squanch Games

6. Planet On Lana

Planet Of Lana is the new title, coming to Xbox Game Pass. Developers hope to open interest to a whole new audience. The game is expected to come out in Spring 2023.

7. Grounded

Grounded will be out for Xbox, Game Pass, and PC on September 27. The game is already out on early access. The game is expected to have a story mode. Schofield explains how much the game team is looking to the player’s opinions and their feedback.

8. Pentiment

Pentiment, is a game that sets itself in medieval environment. A game that represents Andreas Maler in the game, of which players can customize their background and skills. Medieval paintings and woodcuts are the things that inspired the art of Pentiment.

9. Under the Waves

Under the waves is a game that features the underwater world, developed by Quantic Dream. The scenic moments and atmospheric soundtrack is what make it stand out from the crowd.

10. Minecraft Legends

Minecraft is a name that is connected to our childhood. And good news for Minecraft fans is the latest installment, Minecraft Legends. Minecraft Legends presents a different take on the Minecraft franchise. The game will be out for PC and Xbox platforms in 2023.

Due to the unprecedented amount of efforts by the fans to decipher secret messages often time dropped by the developers, they made clear they don’t have any secret messages on them at this time.

11. Age Of Empires 4

As announced recently, 2 new civilizations are due to be introduced in Age of Empires IV. The legendary empires, Ottomans, and Malians will be available for the game on October 25 and it will be free to download.

Final Thoughts

This was an exciting event, just like yesterday’s announcements of games and contents from gamescom ONL 2022. Not just it’s news, it’s a light of hope and a hint of what to expect from the upcoming future. With the rapid development in the gaming industry, this exciting news brings smiles to all gamers around the world.

We hope that this complete list of announcements by Xbox at Gamescom 2022 will be useful for you to know what to expect ahead. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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