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Ninja Must Die enters an open beta test for Android and iOS devices

Enter the fantasy ninja world

After a successful pre-registration phase, the upcoming one-of-a-kind side-scrolling action runner game Ninja Must Die is now available as an open beta for Android and iOS devices. Players of Ninja Must Die will experience new, simple-to-play, intense, and thrilling action-runner gameplay. The game combines a compelling narrative with an appealing ink painting style, outstanding ninja characters, and many more elements.

Experience the unique fantasy ninja world through Ninja Must Die.

The best flowing ink brushstrokes are used in Ninja Must Die to provide gamers with a really realistic fighting experience. With the ink smearing throughout the ninja world, players will become engrossed in the game, increasing their enjoyment of both the environment and all other aspects of the game. The game’s beautiful landscape is complemented by 40 different background tunes that provide players with the ideal mood for ninja combat.

ninja must die artwork
Image via Pandada Games

The gameplay includes incredibly original, fast-paced battles where players engage their foes. Players will also be able to take on the roles of superpowered ninja heroes as they navigate various challenges on their path to becoming the greatest ninja. In order to allow players to just enjoy all the active components, Ninja Must Die also has very straightforward gameplay mechanics and controls.

Ninja Must Die features unique and intensely strategic and social gameplay

Boss battles and a 3v3 co-op game that combines strategy and operation with a constantly moving arena will also be available to players. Players will engage in tense boss encounters with a variety of bosses, each with their own difficulties and fighting styles. Ninja Must Die offers a brand-new co-fighting technique for crossover action games with its first combat parkour synchronized split-screen battle mode.

Players will enjoy the rush of converting setbacks into victory in multiplayer battles, where they will make split-second tactical decisions that will determine whether the battles succeed or fail. When an opponent begins to employ ninjutsu, they can utilize sealing cards to stop their talents. The game also includes a number of additional cards that players may utilize to cause severe harm to their opponents or even execute lethal blows.

In Ninja Must Die, players can build their social networks on a variety of levels, including friendships, masters or apprentices, and clans. In order for them to feel the benefit of social for the game’s mechanics, the social gameplay will be closely tied to the game’s fundamental gameplay, such as clan wars and bounties.

Ninja Must Die can now be downloaded from Google Play Store and App Store. For more information regarding Ninja Must Die, make sure to follow the official website of the game or the Facebook and Twitter handles of the game.  

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