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Ninja Must Die opens for pre-registrations ahead of its late 2022 release

A never seen before action runner

Pandada Games has recently announced the pre-registration of its upcoming one-of-a-kind side-scrolling action runner game Ninja Must Die for mobile devices. Ninja Must Die features easy-to-play intense and exciting action-runner gameplay that the players have never seen before. The game is a combination of an engaging story, eye-catching ink painting style, impressive ninja characters, and many more. Players may become fully immersed in the ninja world and feel the lasting, invigorating feeling of combat.

Reveal the truth of the Ninja Realm by challenging the impossible

In Ninja Must Die, players will take up the role of a young ninja who will fight against bosses and solve puzzles throughout his journey to reveal the truth of the Ninja Realm. Players can also equip themselves with weapons and relics to beat the bosses throughout their journey easily.

Players will need to push their limits throughout their journey in Ninja Must Die. Along with their progression, the game will start to get more intense and exciting. Players will need to take down bosses with skills with their gorgeous ninjutsu.

ninja must die gameplay
Image via Pandada Games

Action runner games have never been better than Ninja Must Die. The game’s side-scrolling action runner has a thorough integration and subversive creation of a brand-new ninja environment. With the addition of a decade’s worth of content, Ninja Must Die has now created a whole new gaming genre and offered gamers throughout the globe a game they have never played before. When playing Ninja Must Die, players may experience the thrill of battling and evading while also feeling the exhilaration of running.

ninja must die gameplay
Image via Pandada Games

Unique graphic displays are another aspect of Ninja Must Die. Unique color strokes in the game make the fighting environment more vibrant than before. To create an experience where every scene comes to vivid realism, the game’s aesthetics merge classic ink painting with contemporary animation principles.

The game also features a multiplayer option where players can run in the Ninja Realm along with their friends. They can also join clans to beat the bosses with the help of their clanmates and receive more rewards. 

How to pre-register for Ninja Must Die

Ninja Must Die is currently ongoing closed beta and pre-registration. Interested players can register for the closed beta or simply pre-register for the game on Google Play Store and AppStore. Pre-registration rewards will also be available for the players who will pre-register for the game.

Image via Pandada Games

The campaign is now running, and awards will be enhanced depending on how many players have pre-registered for the game. Interested players can also pre-register from the official website of Pandada Games.  Ninja Must Die is supposed to be launched at the end of this year. For more information regarding Ninja Must Die, make sure to follow the official website of the game or the Facebook and Twitter handles of the game.  

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