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Monster Aloha- PAPP guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for the beginners

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Developed by ShaFun Games, Monster Aloha – PAPP is an action-packed Pokemon game with amazing cinematic screenplays that enhance the game’s storyline. You, a Pokemon Trainer among all other Pokemon Trainers worldwide, have gathered in this game to compete with each other and be named champion. So if you are a newbie and have less knowledge about this game, you can refer to this complete Monster Aloha – PAPP beginners guide. In this article, we will provide you with the best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners to start the game smoothly.

Gameplay Overview

It is a turn-based action Pokemon game. In this game, you have to summon Pokemon as much as it is the key element of your game. You will get all the wins in the battle according to the Pokemon you select in the starting lineup. In the starting, you can only choose your best 6 Pokemon, i.e., it is a 6v6 pokemon battle. You have to evolve your Pokemon to make them better and advance their attacks. The game also follows a strict storyline that will entertain you in every action scene. The story will provide you rewards as much as you progress.

Monster Aloha PAPP, pokemon battle
Image Via ShaFun Games

Monster Aloha- PAPP: Important terms to know

  • Coins: It is the resource that will help you do every sort of upgrade. You can level up your Pokemon, and you can also upgrade their attacks.
  • Diamonds: It is also the most important resource present in the game. It is basically used to buy necessary items, and you can summon Pokemon by using diamonds.
  • Energy: To battle with other Pokemon trainers, you need to have energy.

Monster Aloha- PAPP: Best walkthrough

If you want to make the best walkthrough, you can try completing the levels. As the game is based on a strict storyline, it will be easy for you to get a guide. There are many chapters in the game, and each chapter consists of many levels. You can complete them and can earn more rewards.

monster aloha papp, levels
Image Via ShaFun Games

You can also try out the Arena section for competitive Pokemon battles with the best trainers. You can also earn extraordinary rewards for this section.

monster aloha papp, arena
Image Via ShaFun Games

Make the best Pokemon team in Monster Aloha- PAPP

It is recommended to summon Pokemon as much as you can. Different Pokemon will offer you different things. So it is extremely beneficial to catch all types of Pokemon. 

As much as you progress in the game, you have to keep your Pokemon upgraded. You have to evolve them into the final stages to make them more powerful than ever. You can also upgrade their attacks and skills to make them superior to other Pokemon.

monster aloha papp, pokemons
Image Via ShaFun Games

Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners of Monster Aloha- PAPP

1. Complete all the levels

By clearing all the levels in a single chapter, you can gain many rewards that will help your account grow. You can get shards, too, from there.

2. Collect shards

Shards are the type of cards on which you can get Pokemon of the desired shard. There is a certain limit to how many shards you have, and if it is sufficient to unlock a certain Pokemon, you can get that Pokemon. 

3. Evolve all of your Pokemon to the last stages

It is recommended to evolve all of your Pokemon to the highest stages because due to evolving, the Pokemon will be more powerful and will have massive impact attacks, which can wipe out the opponents.

4) Upgrade your Pokemon

You have to keep your Pokemon upgraded. As much as you progress in the game, you will require powerful Pokemon. So, if you keep your Pokemon upgraded their skills in the starting, you have to struggle less.

5. Star the Pokemon if you have duplicates

If you have duplicate Pokemon, it is recommended to star them. By staring them, the Pokemon will be more powerful and increase its health. So, the Pokemon can withstand more powerful attacks.

6. Summon as much as possible

It is recommended to summon Pokemon as much as possible because if you have more amount of Pokemon, you will have varied amounts of Pokemon formations with different types of strategies.

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