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Mobile Legends Project NEXT 2022 is cancelled

Project NEXT canceled due to negative feedbacks

In an official Twitter statement, MOONTON Games has officially cancelled its September Project NEXT 2022. Project NEXT was a long-term project taken by the Mobile Legends team to revamp the old heroes and work on the game development to give the players the best quality game experience in the mobile MOBA genre.

Mobile Legends Project NEXT works on revamping the classic heroes

Project NEXT was first announced by the Mobile Legends team on July 5, 2020, and has had three phases. Mobile Legends first applied these changes in the game on September 22, 2020. The second phase of Project NEXT was on June 15, 2021, and the third phase was on September 21, 2021.

Through all these, Project NEXT worked on bringing back the old heroes who were overlooked in the meta. In addition, different classic heroes improved, giving them new features different from the other heroes. The changes include major or minor skill changes and changes in animation, sound, and appearance.

mlbb project next 2022
Image via Mobile Legends Bang Bang Official

Previously, Mobile Legends developers gave a short insight on the upcoming September Project NEXT 2022 on a youtube video, which included the revamp of classic heroes like Gusion and Lesley. Apart from the heroes, the developers revealed their plans for game optimization and UI adjustments. But the most exciting part of this year’s Project NEXT was the new Talent System.

Project NEXT 2022 has been cancelled to ensure the game experience and quality

In a Twitter post from the official Mobile Legends Bang Bang account, Mobile Legend’s Chief Designer announced that Project NEXT 2022 would be canceled. He started his message by thanking the community for their support for the game and how the developers came up with the idea of this project due to the communities concern about the old heroes sitting up on the bench.

In the message, Skyhook mentioned that the Emblem system was the primary focus of this year’s Project NEXT. The emblem system has been a part of the game from the very first day, and with time more and more players demanded higher freedom in attribute customization and skill composition by the emblem system. Due to this community reaction, the team started to work on the new talent system, and after a year of work, it was revealed in the advanced servers on April 2022.

However, the feedback on the new talent system was negative and indicated that the change in the system might have a considerable impact on the core gaming experience of MLBB. Despite the team trying to redesign the system, they failed to come up with a solution to this problem due to the complex design and overly abundant talent choices.

After all this, Project NEXT September 2022 was decided to be cancelled to protect the player’s game experience. The emblem system will stay in the same design until the team finds a proper solution.

What was your feedback on the new talent system? Let us know in the comment section.

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