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Mobile Legends is revamping skins after Riot Games’ lawsuit

Is the lawsuit affecting Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends have recently made many graphic changes, including skin, splash art, and other things. While no reason for this sudden rework was given by Moonton Games, the community speculates that the changes might be because of the recent lawsuit by Riot Games. In the lawsuit filed in a California court in May this year, Riot complained that Moonton has been copying League of Legends: Wild Rift’s skin, campaigns, and trailers.

Mobile Legends is bringing changes to a lot of skins

In the lawsuit filed by Riot Games, the League of Legends developer stated that Moonton copied many things from League of Legends. The skins included Guinevere’s Psion skin, Zilong’s Summer Wave skin, Irithel’s epic skin, and many more. Surprisingly enough, all the skins changed in the advanced server of Mobile Legends are a part of Riot’s lawsuit for copyright infringement.

guinevere skin copy mlbb
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games claimed the Guinevere Psion of Tomorrow skin to be a copy of their K/DA All Out Ahri skin which League of Legends released in November 2018. Moonton Games recently made a few changes to the skin on the advanced server. The entrance and the background animation of the tail apart were changed. No other major changes were noticed in the skin as of now.

Riot also claimed Zilong’s Summer Wave skin to be a copy of Pool Part Jarvan’s skin. Moonton is also changing the model art of the Zilong skin by removing the glasses of Zilong and the design of the umbrella. Riot also claimed Yve’s splash art to be a copy of Dark Star Thresh’s Black Orb, and the pose of Yve was similar to Dark Star Xerath’s. Moonton Games is also changing the splash art of Yve.

yve copy mlbb
Image via Riot Games

The most visible copy done by Moonton Games was seen in the Irithel epic skin and Lightburned skin of Alucard. The skins were said to be copies of LoL’s Leona and Garen, respectively. Moonton Games is bringing significant changes to these skins. Irithel’s epic skin is getting a complete rework as the color of her helmet is getting changed to blue. Her body armor is also including blue stripes on it. In the animation of Alucard’s Lightburned skin, the hero held his sword, which was the same as Garen’s sword from League of Legends. Moonton changed the design of the sword of Alucard in the advanced server.

stargaazer weapon copy mlbb
Image via Riot Games

Alongside these changes, Moonton is also changing the wand of the Stargazer weapon, which was also claimed to be copied from League of Legends.

All the changes might seem like a typical rework, but changing the skins included in the lawsuit always raises some questions in the mind of people. It might as well be the result of the Riot Games lawsuit or a normal rework. But looking at all the changes, our understanding says that it has the most possibilities of being a result of the Riot’s lawsuit.

What are your thoughts on the skin reworks done by Mobile Legends? Let us know in the comments!

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