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Mobile Legends Deathbattle game mode guide: Heroes, rules, rewards, and more

Stay on top of your game in the Deathbattle mode

Mobile Legends now presents the Deathbattle in the arcade mode as a limited-time event. This mode brings with it a lot of new features that’ll keep you excited and on your toes throughout the entirety of the match. This mode lets you choose different types of heroes every time you die on the battlefield. Like other matches, the main objective is to destroy the enemy’s core, but there is an exception to winning the match early as prevalent in many other death battles or similar modes. In this Mobile Legends Deathbattle game mode guide, we’ll discuss how you can win more and do well.

Mobile Legends Deathbattle mode: Event structure and heroes

This Deathbattle is not always available in MLBB. It is a limited-time event. The main motto of this game is to have fun and get to know different kinds of heroes. In this game, either you can destroy the enemy’s core or whoever’s team gets the first 30 kills in the game will win. The game starts with 12 different types of heroes on one page, and you have to select one at a time.

Each time you die on the battlefield, the selection page will appear again, and then you have to choose another hero before respawning; if you don’t, it will select a random hero automatically. But the best part is that you can change the build and emblem at any time (if you’re too lazy, AI will choose the moderate build for you). Also, remember that if you die on the battlefield for the first time, you will not respawn in your core, but rather in a random location (e.g., buffs lane, turtle lane).

Mobile Legends Deathbattle mode: Rules and rewards

This is not a high-ELO matchup for a rank push or if you are mastering a hero, so play it like you want to have fun on the battlefield and touch 30 kills for your team. At the beginning, start with the hero that you can play properly (that could be defense or offense). You will get 1000 gold for free at the start of the game, so definitely buy the boots and then focus on core items. Try to provide as much assistance as possible in order to achieve team kills. 

  • You cannot choose the same hero after you die while playing that one.
  • A particular hero will be temporarily unavailable if it has already been selected by two players on the battlefield.
  • Your attributes will be shortened and weakened if you die more than 10 times in the game.
  • If you died 12 times and used 12 heroes the circle will rotate again.
Mobile Legends Deathbattle mode, Mobile Legends
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In this special mode, you will have a special effect, i.e., regeneration, so use it properly to avoid being killed. Never overextend the fight if you are playing as the initiator and your damage dealer is not present at that particular moment. After each death, AI will suggest some builds and emblem sets, but if you are aware of the hero, don’t rely on AI and better choose your own build and emblem set.

Final Impressions

Apart from all the fun, you can consider Deathbattle to be one of the toughest game modes among arcades. Because you definitely choose the hero that you are good at first, but after you die, you must choose another hero before respawning, and if you are not aware of that hero, you become clueless and end up with a free kill by your opponent. This will give you a hard time if you know only a few heroes. So try to pick wisely and avoid being killed.

We hope our Mobile legends Deathbattle guide helped you to understand the event. If you faced any problems with the event, let us know in the comments below.

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