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Mobile Legends announces new updates for MMR, ranking system, and more

A new leaderboard to conquer

Moonton brings exciting updates to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang every month. From new heroes, cool skins to exciting starlight pass rewards. Moonton is now bringing new changes to the MMR system of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang as reported on a Facebook post. A new global leaderboard ranking system is also being introduced in the game. Here is everything that we know about the new changes so far.

Major changes are coming to the MMR and leaderboard system

The data of a player’s victories or losses in matches played over the course of their account lifetime make up their Matchmaking Rating (MMR). Each player’s degree of gameplay proficiency and talent is identified by this metric. A player’s MMR rises when they win, whereas it falls when they lose. In-game Global Leaderboards ranking lists the players with the highest ratings.

In order to establish a player’s power or gaming proficiency in the area or neighbourhood they are from, the creators do want to construct a well-balanced and fair leaderboard system in which players’ achievements may be exhibited and easily accessed by the general public. The MMR, Hero Power, and Neighborhood Leaderboards have all undergone numerous reworks and modifications in Moonton.

mobile legends joy abilities
Image via Moonton Games

The new Hero Power algorithm will take the place of the MMR algorithm. The new “Hero Power Leaderboard” will combine the “Leaderboards – Hero – Global” and “Leaderboards – Street” ranks into a new, improved system (temporary name).

According to this approach, Hero Power will be ranked on a global, national, provincial, municipal, and neighbourhood basis (to be updated weekly). All titles earned on the “Hero Power Leaderboard” (temporary name) will be accessible for permanent display in the player’s profile.

To stop certain players from purposefully decreasing their ranks to quickly reach Hero Power score, the developers are placing a cap on the various Hero Power score ranks. Hero Power will gradually decrease when each season is refreshed and will begin to fall if a hero hasn’t been utilized in a while. If the player uses that hero again, some of the score lost will be restored.

Moonton wants to make Mobile Legends more enjoyable through the new update

The developers intend to make improvements to how players acquire or lose Hero Power, taking into consideration various circumstances. With this new method, they’re emphasizing fairness more and considering more variables to avoid a too-absolute “victories gain you points, losing takes them away” approach.

mobile legends hero leaderboard
Image via MOONTON Games

Last but not least, the creators want to uphold a rigorous zero-tolerance policy for anyone discovered purposefully degrading their ranks, fraudulently joining leaderboards, etc. They will be actively monitoring this and penalizing offenders to make the game fair.

The creators would also be recalculating Hero Power in the upcoming version depending on one’s past by implementing this new algorithm. During this period of optimization, the “Top 10 List” won’t be available.

What are your thoughts on the last October update and the new changes to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? Let us know in the comments below!

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