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Mobile Legends announces collaboration with Neymar Jr. featuring new skins

Bruno is becoming Neymar

The impending new Collaboration Event Skin for November 2022 has been publicly teased by Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This official teaser image shared on Twitter by Mobile Legends: Bang Bang included the name of Neymar Jr. at the left corner of the image. This provides us with all the information we require to determine that the football player working with Mobile Legends is none other than the renowned Neymar.

The latest message from Mobile Legends’ official Twitter account, revealed that another MLBB skin cooperation event will shortly take place. That the individual being worked with is still the well-known football great who works miracles, making every comeback spectacular.

Neymar Jr. previously expressed his interest in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Even before the event’s official teaser was released, fans began to realize that this cooperation was almost certainly going to take place. The whole thing began when Neymar tweeted about acquiring Yu Zhong’s exorcist skin, revealing that the football star is actually a huge fan of the game.

The Neymar collaboration skin for Mobile Legends has just been released on the advanced servers, a short time after the tweet. Given that Bruno battles opponents by kicking his ball to them, exactly like a footballer does in competitions, it is only fair that Bruno will be the lucky hero to receive Neymar’s cooperation skin.

Since October 22, 2022, Bruno’s Neymar skin has been accessible on the advanced server. Neymar’s skin could be released on the main server in the second half of November, just after the Saint Seiya Collaboration and the 11.11 event, however, this has not yet been confirmed.

Root For Neymar Jr event is coming to MLBB

Mobile Legends will conduct an event dubbed “Root For Neymar Jr!” in order to promote the skin. Every Mobile Legends fan who enjoys football, especially Neymar, will be thrilled by this since getting the partnership skin for free is very doable. The participants in the event must complete a few assigned activities in order to gather tickets they may use to enter a drawing for prizes including skin, badges, and emblems.

The gamers would need to draw 25 times for the guaranteed skin, which they can still earn by performing activities for tickets, in order to win the cooperation skin, dubbed the “Vanguard Elite.” In addition, the draw offers the chance for gamers to win a limited-edition emote; all it takes is ten draws to ensure that the participant receives the emoticon of their choice.

The skin’s quality is comparable to that of Mobile Legends’ top skins. The skin is a significant addition to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s expanding cooperation events. With such significant historical partnerships as the King of Fighters, Transformers, and now even with a great football celebrity like Neymar, I’m really interested to see what more partnerships Moonton can secure. The only thing fans can do right now is to appreciate each cooperation event and wish for more to come in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

What are your thoughts on the collaboration between Neymar Jr and Mobile Legends? Comment down below!

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