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Lego Bricktales beginners guide: Introduction, Puzzle tactics, and more

Flesh out your creative muscles

Lego Bricktales is an adventure puzzle game developed by Clockstone software. The game is defined as a casual experience by the developers however casual gamers do need an introduction to its various mechanics to have a comfortable playthrough. In this Lego Bricktales beginners guide, we’ll run you through an idea of what’s the game about and how to approach various aspects of it

At the start of the game, you get a letter from your grandfather asking informing you that he’s working on something that has enormous potential, and he needs your help. As you visit him at the park in his lab the game slowly starts to introduce its mechanics through a tutorial section along with your grandpa and the charming trusty rusty.

Introduction to Bricktales

Lego is one of the most well-known IPs in the world, however, that doesn’t mean every casual player( as the player base it wants to grab) knows what it’s about. Lego, the brick by brick build as you like puzzle sandbox is replicated in Lego Bricktales you’ll be given environmental and plot-driven puzzles to solve as you’d do with your Lego bucket, however, the game restricts you in some regards which might be a necessary evil, you can check the whole thing out in our Lego Bricktales review.

Lego Bricktales review, Lego Bricktales, Lego
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Lego Bricktales gameplay tactics

The gameplay surrounds basic puzzle solving and creatively making up various objects with Lego pieces to overcome given obstacles. In this Lego Bricktales beginners guide, we’ll share some tactics to ensure that you know the right way to approach a challenge in the game

  • When making a bridge make sure you have enough support in the middle ground
  • When making a pillar, ensure that you have the bulkiest piece at the lower end.
  • When making something else(Helicopters and such) it’s very important to closely observe the given example
  • Every diorama biome has its own rules depending on its environment
  • Always try to use the Lego pieces at the lowest it you’re going to use a tile piece on top
Lego Bricktales Guide, Lego Bricktales, Lego
Image via Thunderful Games

Puzzle Solving and other moves

This won’t be a Lego Bricktales review without a dedicated puzzle segment as the game is riddled with some innovative and decent enough puzzles for you to solve. The main type of puzzle is environmental which sees you taking on the challenge to fix a broken Pillar or a Helicopter or make a bridge. There are no apparent right or wrong ways to accomplish this challenge other than the few rules mentioned in the previous point.

The move you’re going to use a lot is a ground attack with the help of trusty rusty, the soul of humor in Lego Bricktales, the move involves rusty getting big in size and stomping the ground to clear out any obstacles or some hard objects.

A bonus tip

As always we have a bonus tip for all who made it to the end of this Lego Bricktales beginners guide. When you’re roaming around a diorama biome and can’t find any path to progress, try to use the ground stomp move on or around any object that stands before the obvious right way.

Hope this guide helps to streamline the Lego Bricktales experience for you. Let us know in the comment section!

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