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Idle Luca is Com2uS’ upcoming blockchain game now available for pre-registration

Also available as Beta and Test Flight

Recently, we took a look at Nova Battles, a Pay-to-Earn Blockchain title that advertises robust and engaging gameplay, specifically for those who wanted some more immersion when it comes to the gameplay. Now, we have a game, Idle Luca, on the opposite end of the spectrum, a title which doesn’t focus on being difficult to understand or master and something that players don’t even have to interact with much to progress through. 

Com2Us has added another blockchain base game to their portfolio 

IDLE LUCA is yet another addition to Com2Us’ library of blockchain-based titles; it’s an action RPG featuring cute looking mercenaries that you can take into battle. The story behind the game is pretty generic as it’s set in the aftermath of a destructive event with a war taking place.

The game features a bunch of game modes which include the Adventure mode, the Shrine of Trials mode, Machina Tactical Warfare and a couple of others so it’s certainly not lacking in terms of the gameplay content. There’s actually an auto mode in this game that allows players to progress through without having to put in much effort, if any at all. 

The game has quite a few different in-game currencies (which some players might not be fans of since it makes things more confusing) which include Parfait, Gold, Donuts, Diamonds, various ores, and in total, there’s eleven of them. Not all of these can be converted into the blockchain based currency though which in this case, are C2X and ILT. These in turn, help players draw in some income from the time and effort that they put into the game. 

Idle luca gameplay
Image via Com2uS

For the full list of currencies and a better understanding of the various gameplay elements of the game, players can refer to the Whitepaper for IDLE LUCA and the official Website. The game currently has two different listings on the Google Play Store, one for the beta and one for pre-registration. iOS users can join the beta of the game through the TestFlight app.

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