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Nova Battles is a brand new MOBA game with Play To Earn features

3v3 Blockchain shooter

There’s quite a few blockchain-based games out there but not all of them focus on the gameplay too much, turning into just grinds to create something, sell it and profit. However, if you’re looking for something with more depth, then Nova Battles might be something that could belong in your games library. The game belongs to the MOBA genre and is a free-to-play title. 

Earn while playing through 3v3 battles 

The game has a bunch of 3v3 gameplay modes which include Gem Grab, a race to collect gems, Tower Defence, a mode where players engage in attacking and defending against their enemies and finally a Team Battle mode in which the team which gets the required number of kills wins. 

Now the game goes for a hero-based theme in terms of the fighting characters and there’s a bunch of cool-looking fighters but the real meat and potatoes in this game is the Play-to-Earn mechanics. 

There are actually a bunch of ways that players can earn from this game, and a lot of them are actually friendly for players who don’t want to invest in the game or don’t have much to invest. Nova Tokens (NVA) are the main currency of the game available through MaskEX.

The ways to be able to monetize your time and effort include: 

  • Sending invitations to your friends 
  • Logging into the game on an everyday basis for PvP gameplay 
  • Climbing through leaderboards to earn rewards by winning battles
  • Winning in solo fights 
  • Creating Nova Souls that can be traded, rented and leased in the game’s marketplace 
  • An eco-friendly way to earn as the game promotes being a part of efforts to better the planet ecologically. 

Now the game does sound like one of the better P2E games out there and for the full summary of how these elements work, players can go through the game’s Whitepaper. The game is now available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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