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Idle Awakening guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners

Know and master the game!

Idle Awakening leads you to explore the massive fantasy world in the game. The game is currently available on iOS and Android and in selected regions. The game follows a strict storyline which is totally worth enjoying. In this article, we will provide you with the best tips, tricks, and strategies as a beginner in Idle Awakening.

Gameplay overview

The game will allow you to complete the tutorial to understand the basic dynamics of the game. You have to summon the heroes to go through the storyline. The more you proceed with the stages, the stages will be harder than the previous ones. So, to compete with the other heroes, you have to keep yourself upgraded with more powerful equipment. Summon your favorite heroes and complete your deck using a variety of heroes and strategic formation changes.

Idle Awakening

The autoplay is the most important feature of the game. In the game, your main objective is to make your hero’s squad as strong as possible. The battling of heroes against other heroes is totally AI-controlled, and you cannot select the moves of your heroes.

How to get a powerful team in Idle Awakening

Summon the most powerful heroes and insert them into your 5-man squad. The stars on the hero card represent the rarity and rank of the hero among other heroes. The more stars on the card, more strong the hero will be. 5-star heroes are the most powerful heroes in the game.

Try to summon more and more heroes because it will provide you with various hero formations based on your strategy. It will also improve your winning percentage. You have to keep your heroes upgraded and provide them the best equipment to crack every level.

Awaken Legends Idle RPG, hero formations

Level up guide for account progression

You can go to the hero section to have a quick look at the detailed stats of your favorite heroes. From there, you can upgrade your desired heroes for your best competitive lineup. To level up the heroes, you need coins and energy cans. After leveling them, do ascend them to progress even more. After ascending, you can now level up more. This will make your heroes more strong.

You can make yourself even more strong by equipping the armor and weapons which you have gathered as rewards for completing the levels. You can go to the craftsmen to upgrade the equipment. You can combine the duplicate equipment and make them even more powerful by combining them. You can use them and apply them to your heroes.

Awakening Legends

Some miscellaneous options in Idle Awakening

Bag: You can check your resources after gaining them from the battle you fought or the level you cleared. There will be a list of complete equipment which you have achieved.

Gate: This option requires a particular level of power to qualify for the next round of battle. You can battle with the best heroes and get massive rewards from this section.

Guild: You can make or join a clan using this option.

NP: It is based on some missions you must complete to get the special powers. You will also get rewards by completing the missions.

Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners of Awaken Legends: Idle RPG

1. Get more rewards

Get more rewards by battling through the levels. Collect all the possible rewards you can get from the dailies, gate, and many others.

2. Get the best possible lineup

Using the most powerful heroes during the battles is recommended as it increases your winning percentage. The heroes with more stars and the highest levels should be in the starting lineup. The skills also matter in the game, so select according to your choice.

Idle awakening

3. Summon as much as possible

It is recommended to summon the heroes as much as possible as it will provide you with the maximum choices to get into the battlefield. The heroes come with specific skill sets, so if you have a wide variety of heroes, you can have every possible lineup.

4. Try the arena for more competitive battles

In this game, the tougher the battle, the more will be the rewards. So from the arena section, you have to challenge the opponents using the challenge ticket. By defeating them, you can boost your rank and get the rewards.

Did this guide help you to master Idle Awakening? Let us know in the comment below!

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