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High on Life: Beginner’s guide, tips and tricks

Go crazy with High on Life

High on Life by Squanch games definitely was the silent masterpiece in our opinion for the Xbox as the game is unique and really quirky in a good way and funny especially for all the Rick and Morty fans. The game is unique in style and presentation however, it is really simple in terms of gameplay and level design still, there’ll be a few unique new and alien troops for the average gamer especially if you don’t have enough knowledge or interest in Rick and Morty. The game starts as a tribute to old shooters like Doom and eventually it begins the actual plot. An alien drug cartel by the name of G3 hijacks Earth to use humans as drugs as the title suggests and there the player picks up the talking gun Kenny who starts talking the player using a translator fluid-ish splash and the story starts off.

High on Life: Best tips and tricks

High on Life isn’t a very challenging game, to begin with however, some players might find the fast-paced enemies coupled with the quite unique guns a bit much to cope with which is why we’ve curated a list of best tips and tricks to get the most fun out of High on Life and its combat system as we’ll assume of the narrative elements.

1. Don’t be afraid to fall

High on Life has a lot of platforming including a grappling ability a wall run and more, however, it does not have fall damage so if you’re on the wrong way during a platforming segment or if a fight on a high stage doesn’t seem like your gel then just jump off cause there’s no fall damage. The platforming loses a bit of challenge but gains a lot of accessibility for a lot of gamers however, it does provide a blockage for difficulties during platforming.

2. Aim accuracy can be the key

High on Life beginners guide, High on Life
Image via Squanch Games

A lot of game doesn’t focus on the hit registration points of enemies rather just decrease the health bar with assorted damage points. However, that isn’t the case with High on Life as heavier armoured enemies can be hit at specific points to damage the armour. Even in some cases hitting an enemy at specific points can do more damage so aim accuracy is the key in this game.

3. Stabbing is a viable option

High on Life beginners guide, High on Life
Image via Squanch Games

Gamers who are used to FPS games are usually privy to the notion that a knife is a low-damage last resort option when they run out of ammo. However, High on Life Knife is an especially viable option with many kill animations and someone hit kill enemies. So, next time if an enemy is in the range don’t worry and use the viable and sometimes psychopath option.

4. Loglox are a treasure

high on life, high on life loglox
image via Squanch Games

Lugloxes are collectable boxes that contain currencies and cards depending on the size of the Luglox. Although you can’t open Lugloxes from the get-go, however, after acquiring the knife you can open them and acquire the rewards. The Lugloxes are one of the main sources of Pesos so, it will be beneficial to claim as many as possible.

5. Upgrades are essential

Upgrade in a game like this are often neglected as the gameplay and humour keep things moving and bounties after bounties are pretty easy to go by however, upgrades are a very essential part of the game. In Blim city players can access the pawn shop and buy upgrades and more purchasable items which definitely is an important part in this game

A bonus Tip

High on Life is a very unique game as mentioned in this High on Life beginners guide, tips and tricks. As apparent in all of our guides, we provide a bonus tip in all of our guides and this one isn’t an exception either. This isn’t particularly gameplay rather it’s a more narrative-focused tip most useful for Rick and Morty fans. Whenever there’s a TV or a screen playing make sure to watch them as you’ll get to experience a bonus episode on Interdimensional Cable of Rick and Morty fame.

Hope this guide helps you to achieve a headstart in High on Life, Let us know in the comment section!

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