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God of War Ragnarok: Treasure map guide Mining Glory

Get ready to add Mining Glory to your treasure shelf

God of War Ragnarok is one of the most highly anticipated games of all time and definately delivered upon its expectations. So naturally every gamer wants to experience every ounce of what this masterpiece developed by Santa Monica Studios has to offer as apparent in our review of it. The game presents 10 treasure maps for the players to find as a collectable and to complete for various rewards and goodies, this God of War Ragnarok treasure maps guide article.

There are a total of 10 treasure maps scattered around all the nine realms to find in God of War Ragnarok, while this article will just solely focus on the Fruits of Industry map, you can definately check out all our guides other maps.

  • Mining Glory
  • Fruits of Industry
  • Washed Ashore
  • Demise of Dagestr
  • Viking’s Gift
  • Under the Rainbow
  • The Giant’s Toes
  • A Scar is Born
  • Forgotten Starts
  • Vulture’s Gold

God of War Ragnarok: Mining Glory location

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The Mining glory is one of the 10 treasure maps and like all the others it rewards the playes and also posses a challange that’s why in this God of War Ragnarok treasure map guide we’ll explain how to find the map as well as how to solve the map and obtain the rewards. The Mining Glory treasure map situated in Svartalfheim – Nidavellir. For it, you must the spear (story unlock). A wind-emanating pillar and a fabled treasure are located at the end of the trail in Nidavellir town. You can ascend to the fabled chest by driving the spear through the pillar. Adjacent to it is the scroll with the treasure.

God of War Ragnarok: How to complete Fruit of Industry map

The Mining Glory does pose a challange however, it isn’t much of a difficult one. The location you need to get to is The applecore in Svartaflheim. You can follow mine trails in a spiralling downward motion to reach the area’s base around halfway through The Applecore. The treasure will be at the right-hand side of the river where the boat was driven in the story, at the end of the tracks. It is the route.

Muspelheim’s Blessing1 and only
Petrified Bone1
Luminous Alloy1
Asgardian Ingot1
Shattered Rune40

The treasure should be to your collection if you’ve followed our guide thoroughly and we’ll definitely advise you to check out our guide and if you are close to the ending and don’t wanna miss out the post- credit true ending to it then check out our unlock all the endings guide for God of War Ragnarok

Hope this guide helps you to achieve the treasure map in God of War Ragnarok as an experience, Let us know in the comment section!

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