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Frozen City guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners

For an adequate headstart

Frozen City is a city-building game for Android. The Frozen City game is one of the best mobile games out there. It’s easy to learn and play but hard to master. This game aims to build your city in the Frozen City by collecting resources and ensuring that the people in your group are happy and healthy. It has various maps. You start with a few characters, but you can expand your team over the course of time. You need to build everything that survivors require in the chilling cold. Unlike other adventure games, Frozen City focuses more on surviving than occupying territories through wars. If you’re an amateur in the game, this beginner’s guide will help you to master the game very easily.

Frozen City: Shelters and structures

In the frozen city game, shelters are essential to survival. Without them, workers would be forced to live in the open, exposed to the elements, and more prone to illness. In a frozen city, it’s common for there to be a sawmill nearby that can provide lumber for construction. The structures that you will find at the beginner level in the game are :

  • Dorm: Dorms are basically shelters. It has beds for the survivors so that they can take rest during the chilling night. More survivors are occupied in the Dorm. The level of the beds can be increased in due course of time. To upgrade, you need resources like wood. Dorms also have illumination located in them. Illuminations are small fireplaces that are built inside the dorms. The fire keeps the survivors heated up and helps them recover from the tiredness. Illuminations can also be upgraded through wood resources.
  • Sawmill: In a frozen city, the woodcutters will need to cut the wood into boards for building materials and furniture. They will also need to cut down trees around the city so that they can collect firewood from them and use it in their dorms. The player will find an axe in the sawmill. The axe will be used to cut down trees to get wood out of it. The quality of the axe will be upgraded at the cost of resources. You can assign the number of workers working in the sawmill.
  • Workshop: The workshop is mainly used to mend new wooden boards. Also, the workshop has stuff like a tool bench and fireplace. The tool bench is the place to break down the wood and shape it into boards. Meanwhile, the fire keeps the survivors heated and helps them in their workflow. You can also assign the number of workers, like the sawmill. In the workshop, 720 wooden can be converted to 72 wooden boards.
  • Hunter’s cabin: Hunter’s cabin in a frozen city is a place that can be used to cut raw meat in a very safe way. The output of this structure is getting raw food that needs to be cooked. Hunting tools are present in the hunter’s cabin to chop the meat into smaller pieces. You can assign the number of workers working in Hunter’s cabin. The hunting tools can also be upgraded through the wood resource.
  • Kitchen: In a frozen city, cooking food can be challenging. You need to make sure that the food you’re cooking is not only frozen but also prepared correctly. Finding a good heat source in a frozen city is important because it will help keep your food from freezing before it can properly cook. The kitchen in the game has a chef, which you can assign and put to rest whenever required. Coming to elements in the kitchen, you will have a burner to cook the food and a table to keep the food. The meal provided will provide energy and lead to good sleep for the survivors.
frozen city, frozen city structures
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd.

Frozen City: Uses of fire

You will find a big fireplace on every map. The fire should be located at the centre of every map. While rest and food are important elements for the survival of the survivors and inhabitants, a fireplace and warmth are also equally important. This is because the constant bitter cold can make the survivors sick, which would result in limiting their productivity.

To keep the atmosphere around your camp warm, turn on the campfire. Just click on the fire option in the top left corner to turn it on and off the fire. With proper fire, the survivors will continue working with top performance. Also, till the temperature is 0° celsius, the workers will not be affected by any kind of illness. You can also increase the intensity of the fire.

frozen city, frozen city fire
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd.

But with the increase in fire, more fuel will be used. Also, when the temperature increases, frost will appear around your screen during the night. If you increase the fire level, you will see the frost will be removed.

Frozen City: Tasks and rewards

You will be given certain tasks as you progress to a certain extent in the game. You must complete the given task list by checking your list. Since you are still an amateur in this game, you need to understand what exactly is to be done in the game. Hence, the task list tells you what you need to do. These tasks are a superior way for you to have great quality progress throughout the game. Completing tasks is also a great way to achieve gems in the game Frozen City.

frozen city, frozen city task list
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd.

If you complete more tasks in a short period, you will have a huge amount of gems which is a great headstart for any beginner. After you complete the first list of tasks, you will achieve a chest full of prizes and tokens. Besides, you also achieve rewards for completing each task alone. As a result, go and explore the task list properly. You will see a finger pointing out how to complete the listed tasks. It is no rocket science; moreover, the user interface of Frozen City is very user-friendly.

Important factors in Frozen City

The game Frozen City consists of various other factors that are important, just like other elements. The factors include wood, time of the day, number of workers, and gems. All this stuff is required in small places. But, if you don’t apply them properly, you will waste time and hence will not be able to complete maps quickly.

  • Wood: Wood is the foremost thing the frozen city will need. The wood will help you in every genre. Whether in the kitchen, cabin, or sawmill, wood is the utmost requirement you will ever have. Wood cutting is required to gather and gain small pieces of wood. For that, you need to assign workers to do the stuff. If you want more woods, just assign more workers.
  • Time of day: The time of the day is an important factor. The time of the day is divided into three sectors. The sectors include work time, lunch/dinner time, and sleeping time. You can see when your workers and survivors will eat, work or sleep. As a result, it is beneficial for you to plan your day properly.
  • Worker numbers: You can see the total number of workers located at the top. By tapping on it, you can find which workers are fit, hungry, or ill. Also, on the right side, you can find a character icon. Here you can get the number of workers working, not working, and unassigned to any work. The worker number will help you to distribute workers at different places for work.
  • Gems: Just like wood, gems are very important, especially in the long run. By completing tasks, you will earn gems. Hence, completing tasks is very important. Moreover, by watching videos also, you can increase your gems count.
frozen city, frozen city gems
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd.

Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners of Frozen City

  • Task list is important: You need to complete the task list to progress in the game. Unlike other games, you would not attack any other regions and will only focus on your stuff. Hence, complete tasks to upgrade your camp.
  • Know all the maps: The game has seven different types of maps. Each map has its challenges and tasks that you need to fulfil.
  • Unlock New Chests: The chest is like a treasure to you in order to unlock new characters. You can also get characters for free, but the chest-unlocked characters are definitely superior.
  • Strategy tracker: On the right side of your screen, you will find a pie graph-related icon. The icon is the strategy tracker. Here you will find the meat, food, and wooden board levels in your game.

As a result, build your own city in the ice-laden environment in the Frozen City game. Remember, you and your troops are the last people on Earth to survive. As a result, complete the task list and build a city that will create a great society in the upcoming future. Moreover, Frozen City has a production chain. Once you build the production chain properly by playing the game, you just need to wait to see your small camp grow into a full-fledged city.

Did this Frozen City beginners guide help you to understand the game better? Let us know in the comments below!

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