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FIFA 23 Guide: Top 5 best clubs for Road to Glory career mode saves

Can you make these underdogs rise to glory?

Generally, when it comes to Career Mode saves, players tend to assume control of their favorite club- a team that ranks among the top Division Clubs. While that is fair enough, doing so doesn’t pose enough challenges for these users. In this FIFA 23 Road to Glory Guide, we are going to share our Top 5 underperforming teams from the lower divisions that users can consider for their Career Mode save and prove their managerial skills as they make these clubs rise to glory. We are also going share some useful tips and tricks as you set up for this journey to glory.

FIFA 2023 Career Mode: Top 5 Clubs to look for the Road to Glory challenge

Below is the list of teams that you can consider for a Career Mode save and test your toughness as the Manager.

1. Paris F.C.

Well, this may sound strange but what if Paris F.C. and not Paris-Saint Germain dominate in the French Ligue? While this might sound improbable, Paris F.C. actually has a decent enough lineup to compete in Ligue 1.

Once a part of P.S.G., this France-based club was on the brink of a Ligue 1 promotion last season, for the first time since splitting from P.S.G. back in 1972. However, they couldn’t make it by the barest of all margins. This could be really fascinating save if you can lead this side to glory and make them dominate over their neighborhood rivals P.S.G.

  • League: French Ligue Division 2.
  • Overall Rating: 68
  • Transfer Budget: 6.11 million Euros.
  • Recent signings: Pierre-Yves Hamel(Center-Forward), Mehdi Chahiri(Left-Winger), Alimami Gory(Left-Winger), Ilan Kebbal(Attacking Midfield), Lebogang Phiri(Center-Midfield), Julien Le Cardinal(Right-Back), Jordan Lefort(Left-Back), Kouadio-Yves Dabila(Center-Back), Téva Gardies(Goalkeeper).
FIFA 23 RTG Career Mode Paris FC Squad
Image via Electronic Arts

Key Points to note during the Maiden Season

With the Club having a decent enough Transfer Budget, the initial setup would be hassle-free for players. Here are some quick insights on this Team:

  • If you notice carefully, you will find out that this Club is keener on signing French Ligue Players only. It is not that you cannot bag other players, but try giving French Ligue Players the first priority as they suit the playstyle of this team.
  • Get Ilyes Housni from the PSG Academy. He is a promising young star, a complete team player, and the best fit for this Club. Though his OVR is just 59, he is not that behind if you take your other squad members into consideration. The other Striker that you should look to bag is the FC Nantes Player, J.Augustin.
  • Getting a good goalkeeper at the start of the season is important too. However, we do not recommend negotiating transfer money on any goalkeepers initially. You can look for Free Transfers and L. Zidane from Rayo Vallecano would be a handy choice.
  • The Team needs experienced defenders who are a little higher-rated. Look for Free Agents or cheaper deals from the Transfer Market.
  • Paris F.C. has so many promising youngsters already. You can try making them do Creative Runs to improve your chances of scoring in-game.

2. Wrexham A.F.C.

Wrexham A.F.C. is a club that is owned by Hollywood heavyweights Ryan Reynolds and Rob McIlhenny. This Welsh Club has gained enormous international fame as a result of the duo’s captivating docuseries- Welcome to Wrexham. Even though the team is owned by renowned superstars, it lacks a superstar manager and star players in it. It would be a really challenging task as you go for Premier League Glory with this League 2 side

  • League: Rest of the World(make sure to put them in English League Division 2).
  • Overall Rating: 62
  • Transfer Budget: 2.9 million Euros.
  • Recent signings: Jake Hyde(Forward), Ollie Palmer(Striker), James Jones(Midfielder), Charlie Trafford(Midfielder), Shaun Brisley(Defender), Bryce Hossanah(Defender), Mark Howard(Goalkeeper).
FIFA 23 RTG Career Mode Wrexhamm FC Squad
Image via Electronic Arts

Key points to note during the maiden season

Wrexham A.F.C. plays with a 5-1-2-2 formation. Hence, your squad will become incredibly narrow when in control if your wing-backs don’t join The Attack. That is where you need to invest initially.

  • The wing-backs in Wrexham A.F.C. are among the lowest-rated players in the Club. It is an area that you must look to build on in the maiden season. Seek individuals with good pace and stamina abilities because speed and energy are crucial prerequisites for this position.
  • You can go for English winger Tony Bond. He has a +9 sharpness meaning he would be better as a Right Wing or Left-Wing making him about 73ovr if you convert his position. A player with a higher sharpness out of position means that’s his best position Other affordable names for this role are Josh Key and Manuel Thurnwald.
  • Although you must look to sign a potential striker when you start your Road to Glory campaign, this side is an exception as the duo of Paul Mullin and Ollie Palmer make a killer combination. You can however consider Ricky-Jade Jones if he is available as a Free-Agent.
  • The Transfer Budget is significantly low for this club and hence you can pay less attention to Youth Development as the Board expectations in this segment is low. However, make sure to train your Academy Players and see to it that they are not playing out of Position.

3. F.C. Andorra

F.C. Andorra is the first and only side from Andorra that has featured in FIFA 23- a feat that already inclines us to consider this club for our Road to Glory career mode saves. The club currently competes in Segunda División, the second tier of the Spanish league system. F.C. Andorra is historically the greatest football club in the country and one of the best clubs to feature in the La Liga Division 2. However, competing against the Division 1 giants, i.e., the likes of F.C. Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid would be a really challenging task to take up.

  • League: La Liga SmartBank
  • Overall Rating: 65
  • Transfer Budget: 1.84 million Euros.
  • Recent signings: S.Bakis(Forward), Mustapha Bundu(Forward), Almpanis(Forward), Jandro(Midfielder), Mika Marmol(Defender), Diego Alende(Defender), Raúl Lizoain(Goalkeeper)
FIFA 23 RTG Career Mode FC Andorra Squad
Image via Electronic Arts

Key points to note during the maiden season

An interesting fact about F.C. Andorra is they were bought by Gerrard Pique‘s Kosmos Holdings in 2019 as a fifth-tier club. Here are a few insights on their team:

  • Since Pique owns this club you can make him retire and then let him take charge as the owner and manager.
  • Once you do that, try signing only FC Barcelona B and Spanish League Players specifically as they would suit the team’s playstyle.
  • F.C. Andorra plays with a 4-5-1 formation. So if you want to keep their formation and playstyle unchanged, you have to make sure that your sole striker is good enough. Sub Carlos Martinez for S.Bakis or Mustapha Bundu for this position initially as this team has a pretty low Transfer Budget.
  • The 4-5-1 formation calls for the Long Ball tactic and F.C. Andorra often switches to the long ball style of play too often. So, it is expected that your Center Backs have good long passing. However, the Center Backs in your lineup will have terrible long-passing attributes. So look to sign Center Backs with good passing attributes.
  • Focus on the training of Youth Academy players and try bagging Free gents from the B teams of Spanish Clubs.

4. A.F.C. Richmond

A.F.C. Richmond is a fictional English Professional Football club based out of Thames, London. They compete in Division 1 of the English Premier League and are a side you cannot potentially ignore taking charge of and leading to glory if you have watched the Ted Lasso Series. Featuring for the first time in the FIFA series, there is a lot to take from this Club.

  • League: Rest of the World Tier 4
  • Overall Rating: 78
  • Transfer Budget: 25 million Euros.
FIFA 23 RTG Career Mode AFC Richmond Squad
Image via Electronic Arts

Key points to note during the maiden season

While this is a fictional club, users may fancy things as it is there in the Ted Lasso Series:

  • First up, to keep things real, you should eye-signing a Brazillian Right back and Wellington Dano could be a potential name in this regard.
  • Later down the road in this Road to Glory Series, you need to sign Jack Grealish to maintain the chronology.
  • A.F.C. Richmond probably has the highest transfer budget among all the Clubs that we have mentioned thus far. Hence, eye negotiating a higher-rated Goalkeeper in the starting days only. Either Illan Meslier or Giorgi Mamardashvili could be good candidates as a goalkeeper, 77 rated, mid 80’s potential, and won’t eat up your entire budget.
  • The OVR rating of your Center-Back players is decent enough to compete in the starting season. However, Marc Guehi would add the Youth touch-up to this line-up.
  • Then you can try bagging Tyler Adams for the Midfield duties, to give this team the American Touch.
  • This team additionally lacks players who are good enough at wing play. You can try getting Napoli Winger Khvicha Kvaratskhelia to take up this duty.

5. Villareal B

Well, this might sound crazy as the B-team must always play a Tier below as per the Spanish regulations. However, in FIFA 23, you can actually make Villareal and its B-side compete in the same tier. This is another fancy yet interesting challenge that you can take up and make Villareal B, better than their A-side.

  • League: La Liga SmartBank
  • Overall Rating: 65
  • Transfer Budget: 1.7 Million Euros.
  • Recent signings: Thiago Ojeda(Center-Forward), Jonny Arriba(Right-Winger), Rodri Alonso(Center-Midfield), Liberman Torres(Center-Back), Antonio Espigares(Center-Back), Sergio Carreira(Right Back), Carlos Romero(Left-Back).
FIFA 23 RTG Career Mode Villareal B Squad
Image via Electronic Arts

Key points to note during the maiden season

Managing Villareal B all the way to the top is a tad difficult task owing to the very low transfer budget of this club. You should be very calculative with your signings initially:

  • Try promoting Academy Players up from Villareal C. The Academy has a bunch of really talented Players.
  • Make sure that you put a Right-wing development plan for Jonny Arriba because he should see an increase in rating by at least +2.
  • Jonny Arriba lacks in pace, so you can even consider signing David as a left winger or a right winger since his pace is 86 and his shooting is 69.
  • Pablo Iñiguez is very sloth as a Center-Back. Center-backs that lack in pace have no utility in this line-up. So, play him as the CDM and try bringing in the pair of Denayer from Lyon and Pau Torres from the first side of Villareal.
  • You also need a Good Goalkeeper for this side. You can try signing Kepa to revive his career along with the fortunes of this club. However, since the Transfer Budget of this club is really low, Robert Sanchez can also serve your purpose if you can bag him.

FIFA 2023 Road to Glory Career Mode Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some useful tips that players must follow as they set themselves up for the Road to Glory journey. Below are some interesting insights from our personal experience:

1. Make sure to participate in the pre-season tournament

Participating in the Pre-Season Tournament is the first mandatory for every season. It will greatly improve your financial situation going into the Season and make things simpler.

2. Focus on building your Youth Academy

The establishment of your Youth Academy is the next step. Hire a scout as soon as you can afford to. Set aside roughly half of your transfer budget for your academy, which should cover both the scout’s salary and the expense of sending him on a six-month scouting campaign.

3. Hunt for cheaper resources in the form of Wonderkids

It is Wonderkids that dictate how fast you climb up the tiers in your Road To Glory Career Mode Saves. If your club lacks financial resources initially, you can however consider training your already available players. We would suggest you go for clubs that have at least a decent enough transfer budget.

4. Keep a close eye on the Free Agents

Many a time we tend to completely neglect the Free Agents in a quest to negotiate critical signings. You will be astonished at how many treasures you can unearth from these Free agent signings. Hence, keep a close eye on the free agents as well.

5. Know which Players to sign on a priority basis

Once you have a strong foundation, i.e., a decent enough team with Young Guns, look to go for the big names. Now, you need to know which players to sign first:

  • First and foremost, you should consider adding a good Striker and a good Goalie to your side. It is by scoring/saving goals that you can win. So make sure that you invest in these two positions initially.
  • Next up, make sure to strengthen the Defense Unit with star Center Backs. If your playing style is Wing-Play, go for the Full-Backs and Wing Players first instead.
  • Finally, get yourself good Midfield Players once the other positions are settled.

Managing a lower division side and making them rise through the Divisions is much more fascinating and challenging than managing an already decent team and making it better. With the Career Mode being an offline game mode and the introduction of newer modes with each Season, it would not remain the primary game mode unless we instill some life in it. So put on your thinking cap and get out to work your way as the best Manager from the Sunday leagues straight to the UEFA Champions League final.

Did you find our guide on Best Road to Glory career mode saves in FIFA 23 useful? Let us know in the comments.

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