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EA Sports FC: Gameplay details, release date, pre-order details, and everything we know so far

Same game, different taste!

EA Sports FC is the upcoming football title of Electronics Arts after their contract with FIFA ended with their latest football game FIFA 23. From the following year, EA will be releasing the most popular football game under the name of ‘EA Sports FC.’ In this article, we’ll discuss all the available details about EA Sports FC (that was supposed to be FIFA 24), including its release date, gameplay details, pre-order details, and more.

EA has been in charge of the famous FIFA franchise since 1993, starting with FIFA International Soccer. However, they continued their contract with the governing body of football, FIFA, after agreeing to the contract renewal fee. Now, both of them have parted ways and announced their games. FIFA previously announced that they will continue the FIFA franchise and will release their original titles.

The core gameplay mechanics and game modes will be the same in EA Sports FC

The FIFA franchise has been one of the most extensive and successful game series in video games. With a large number of fans worldwide and the inclusion of the most popular players, clubs, and leagues, football fans and gamers have always enjoyed playing the game since its first title till 2023. However, with a new name for the franchise, the fans are also expecting a few other changes.

fifa 23 gameplay
Image via Electronic Arts

EA has announced that the core gameplay mechanics will stay the same in their upcoming football game. The only changes will be the name, and the World Cup contents every four years will be missing. After parting their ways, EA is expected to add many more exciting features to their popular football franchise.

EA Sports vice-president David Jackson has said, “At the moment, we engage in play as a primary form of interactive experience. Soon, watching and creating content are going to be equally as important for fans.” His comment may suggest that EA might be adding streaming service features through which the players can watch real-time football matches and might also stream their football content.

EA has already announced its partnership with Spain’s top-tier league La Liga including naming rights, in-game integrations, and broadcasting highlights. EA might just continue and confirm their partnership with the big leagues from other countries.

EA Sports FC confirmed game modes

EA Sports FC Ultimate Team will undoubtedly feature in EA’s upcoming football game. Electronic Arts owns the Ultimate Team IP, which has been hugely profitable since it was first introduced in FIFA in 2009. However, the fans might expect a lot of change and modifications in the cards and overall Ultimate Team system.

Kick-off, Online Seasons, Tournaments, and Pro Clubs are confirmed to stay in EA Sports FC; these have been the fan-favorite game mode’s in the recent FIFA titles. However, EA might drop VOLTA and Career Modes from the game and focus on introducing other game modes as their replacement.

The fans finally might receive what they have been asking from EA for quite a long time, an Online Career Mode feature! Previously an EA job listing was seen looking for an Online Software Engineer to work on “online career mode,” which started the speculations. However, it is still being determined if Only Career Mode will finally make it to the game and how it will work if it does.

EA is also expected to add more features for Women’s football in their upcoming games. They have already added a lot of new Women’s teams in FIFA 23 and might add more features to engage their female player base.

EA Sports FC confirmed players, clubs, leagues, and other licenses

With the end of EA’s contract with FIFA, fans have feared that EA Sports FC might not feature an accurate representation of the clubs, kits, and many other players. However, EA has confirmed that it will continue to offer real-world experiences and has already signed up 300 individual licensed partners, 19,000 athletes, 700 teams, 100 stadiums, and 30 leagues for EA Sports FC.

The signing includes big clubs like Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Atletico Madrid, Borrusia Dortmund, Toronto FC, and many others. The clubs have confirmed on their official Twitter handles that they will be featured in EA’s upcoming EA Sports FC.

England’s Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, Germany’s Bundesliga, Italy’s Serie A, USA’s MLS, UEFA Champions League, and Europa League, and CONMEBOL Libertadores are confirmed to be included in the game and will be exclusively featured on EA Sports FC only.

Platform availability

EA Sports FC will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

EA Sports FC release date and pre-order details

EA Sports FC will most likely be released in late September or early October of 2023. However, EA has not yet officially confirmed any release date or pre-order details for EA Sports FC.

EA is expected to reveal further information regarding their plans for EA Sports FC in the Summer of 2023.

What are your thoughts on EA’s EA Sports FC? Let us know in the comments below!

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