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FIFA announces first set of games after split with EA; Blockchain and Web3 included

FIFA has announced its newest gaming project and here is how it is going to be!

The FIFA series is undoubtedly one of the most iconic, loved, and popular video games of all time and the bestselling sports game of all time. The iconic franchise first came out in 1993 and was known by the name FIFA International Soccer. Since then up until this year, Electronic Arts and FIFA have shared a fantastic history till they parted ways. And now FIFA is back with their first independent games and they will reportedly be blockchain.

FIFA’s plans for the future

As per the latest announcement by Fédération Internationale de Football Association/International Federation of Association Football, commonly known by the abbreviation FIFA, four new games are in work ahead of the World Cup 2022 being held in the Gulf nation of Qatar. The four games as it has been revealed are as follows:

1. AI League

FIFA blockchain, FIFA Uplands
Image via FIFA

AI League will be a game where the player will take part in a 4 vs 4 casual football match in a tactical manner without directly taking part in the action. The player will assume the role of a coach and make pivotal decisions to influence their team to win. They will also be able to change and trade characters in the game.

2. Phygtl

This is probably the most obscure project that FIFA announced when they released the announcement earlier. It is apparently going to be an app that will act as a medium to generate digital rewards for the fans. It will allow players to capture and document their favourite moments from the 2022 World Cup and create an album of sorts.

3. Uplandme

FIFA, FIFA Uplandme
Image via FIFA

Uplandme will be a collection game for the fans where the players and the fans will be able to collect and shop for various items. The items will include things such as team logos, jerseys, posters, and mascots. Players will also be able to win a virtual visit to the Lusail Stadium in Qatar as a metaverse property and interact there virtually.

4. Matchday

Matchday is very similar to fantasy teams and predictions for those who are familiar with it, as is the case with many football fans around the world. Here players can predict scores, collect player cards, etc, which will represent the real-life players from the festival of football.

Where does this put the iconic gaming culture of FIFA at

If one is to be completely honest and unbiased, it is apparent that this decision by FIFA vastly jeopardizes the outstanding fanbase FIFA has gained over the years owing to the iconic FIFA series. By tapping into the blockchain and Web3 format, the very essence of what the community was built upon has been removed. The decision is already being met with a tremendous amount of backlash on online social media platforms with fans being outraged at the decision by the international body.

The metaverse and especially blockchain projects have fallen face-front in the last few months with their evaluations being six feet underground. This being said, it is unclear as to why FIFA is treading such a dangerous path which might result in losses incurred.

But despite all this,  FIFA Chief Business Officer Romy Gai remains undeterred. He stated, “As we continue to build our gaming strategy long into the future, it’s certain that web 3.0 will have an important role to play, and this marks the start of our journey.” If this is an extremely ambitious foreseeing by Romy Gai or a blunder, will become clear in the coming days.

Final thoughts

The said announcements have surely put the fans into a frenzy due to the fact that the ever-loved PvP real-time match format of the FIFA games which was its main feature has been removed and replaced by just a mere shadow of it. Therefore we can see this blockchain project snowball into a costly decision by FIFA, or maybe a success with a massive stroke of luck.

Are you excited about these new projects by FIFA? Do they meet your expectations? Let us know in the comments below!

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