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Far Cry Multiplayer and Far Cry 7 Reportedly being developed by Ubisoft

The new titles to use a different game engine.

According to a report by Insider Gaming, two Far Cry titles are currently being developed at Ubisoft. One of them is reportedly a single-player experience that will be Far Cry 7 and the other is a Standalone Multiplayer-experience. Both the titles were supposedly single titles at one point but were split into two pretty early in development.

Next Far Cry Might be set in Alaska

Both games are being developed by Ubisoft Montreal and were one until the departure of Far Cry head Day Hay, who had been involved in Far Cry since being a producer in Far Cry 3. The game was internally called Project Talisker.

Now the multiplayer game is called Project Maverick, whereas the single-player game has been named Project Blackbird. As per other reports, Far Cry 7 will be switching from its existing Dunia engine to Snowdrop, the engine used forĀ Ubisoft Massive’s The Division 2, and will be supporting Ubisoft’s upcoming games like their open-world Star Wars game and Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora.

Far Cry 6 gameplay
Image Via Ubisoft

Project Maverick is currently an extraction-based shooter like Escape From Tarkov or COD: Warzone 2‘s DMZ, with mechanics such as permadeath, a backpack system, contracts, and more. It is set in the Alaskan wilderness where players might have to adapt to the weather and be aware of the dangerous wildlife around them.

The theme can be traced back to a survey sent by Ubisoft to Far Cry players in 2015 asking them about the locations and themes they would like to be explored in future games. Some of the options have already been explored in Far Cry 5 DLCs like sci-fi setting on another planet, the Vietnam war, and Vampires. Other themes like a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic world, Jurassic- World-style park with dinosaurs, etc., are yet to be seen.

far cry 6 vaas
Image via Ubisoft

We can expect Far Cry 7 to also have a similar setting as the games that originated from a single entity. However, we don’t expect to hear about them soon as the tentative deadline for them internally is supposed to be the fall of 2025, which is more than two years away at this point.

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